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 Added by Lord Nougat  Moon-day Marchus 24st - 11:66:66 aM PST;

That was dumb. Sorry. I mean, for that last post. That was just dumb. Try to understand though, by making more dumb, I was sort of trying to get you guys to go check out, and hopefully participate in Also, I was, and still am, deeply upset over current world events. More specifically the profoundly retarded actions of a once proud America and it's formerly glorious military, bla, bla, et cetera. Stuff needs to be said, I just start hemmoraging eloquence when my heckles are aroused... but there are many far better writers than I who do not appear to have such problems, so I shall steer your attention in their direction if you don't mind. Those are only 2 examples... there are many more, but I will put them in the more comments section of this, as soon as I get caught up on some work... I do still have a job, by some lucky mistake of fate.
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 It's all the rage these days...
 Added by Lord Nougat  Wen's day Marchus 19st - 04:13:13 pM PST;

the return of the rage
it's hard to believe it was ever missed.
Remembering better times in stark contrast
with the cowardace of tyrants,
I look up and see only filth and darkness;
insect carapaces and the dim outline of the dead fluorescent tube.
It's all noise and fear and hate
and rage.
It's all the rage.
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 Content Management Systems
 Added by Lord Nougat  Wenzday Marchus 12st - 9:56:66 aM PST;

That's what they call it: content management systems, or software... and a few other variations. That's the name for the stuff that makes up sites like Slashdot,, and plenty of noteworthy others. See, I have lofty hopes for the new site and what it can be. This one can remain what it already is, whatever the hell it is. I guess it's just 'mine'. I still don't want dieyuppiescum to be a mere blog, for better or worse... it has too much stuff glommed into it for that... perhaps it's a SUPER Blog. Bla. Anyway, apparently wishy-washy fickleness rules supreme here at the Nougat Factory, because the appeal, the love affair with, the attraction of PHPWebsite has waned. There are so many other choices, such as the aforementioned Slashdot's mammoth abomination of Perl, Slashcode, my new enfatuation, Squishdot, the attractive yet somewhat broken monstrosity momentarily squatting at, PHPNuke (Which is really rather worth a gander, but all the really good documentation seems to be in German and it's being difficult... and there are so very many other choices that might be so very easy I see no reason not to try them. I'm just a little code-slut I guess. Tee-hee.

So, in summation, is up, it will change and not work right periodically since it's all experimental at this point, and opinions and feedback on such will make the Nougat fluffier and more delicious. Oh, and for some reason, if you put big ugly Ws in front of the nougats url, like this:, for some reason you find yourself right back here again. I'm sure it's sumething extremely simple, but for the time being, I sorta like it. Try it yourself, You know you want they seemed so fond of saying way back when 'try it, you'll like it'. Kay. So, um, bye.
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 That New Site Needs a Name
 Added by Lord Nougat  Tuesday March 4st - 11:66:66 aM PST;

Okay, so I came up with that name idea and then started having second thoughts for some reason, so then I started looking at other names as well. Well, we finally have a new Weekly Poll up, so YOU, the valued audience can speak up and have POWER over, well, what I do. Oh, the poll is over there on the right side of the screen under the fake login links and stuff. Or you could just click here.

I'll set up the comments thingy in a little while. I'm going crazy in this place!
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 To Hell With That
 Added by Lord Nougat SaTURDay March 1nd - 12:56:66 aM PST;

Okay. Poo on that whole massively changing the site idea. It was kinda working alright, but this morning I just couldn't get it to behave; it's just too hard to keep track of 2 big sites in the same directory. So, the good news, if you choose to see it as 'good news', is is going to stay the way it is. The new site will be just that: a new site.
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 News Bulletins
 Added by Lord Nougat  Fryday Februember 21st - 4:20:66 pM PST;

Here is some useful information for you, my writhing mass of readers. It's GIANT ROBOT WEEK on some channel Chez Nougat cannot get. Enjoy giant robot week if you do not live in the grey barren Mordor-like pink cube of shoddiness that is Chez Nougat.

On to more important items. You know how sometimes you put something in the fridge and it goes bad waay too fast, like maybe it wasn't cold enough, or maybe you want to freeze ice-cubes really fast? Well, This would be the appropriate place for that. The amazing superfreezing bowtie! Freezerburn is not even possible, because of the clever vacuum packed space-age uh, space.

Some of you out there are Evil Genius Mad Scientist Types (tm), and this list may well prove invaluable to you.

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 Feh! Enough with 'news'
 Added by Lord Nougat  Two's day Februember 19st - 10:66:66 aM PST;

I say Bah! to the news... although I must admit it's getting better... this morning on the front page of some dumb paper, I think the LA Times (shudder), instead of some ugly face like Duh George or Colon or whoever, there was a nice shot of massive crowds protesting the threat of war. That's more like it. That's not what this article is about. Haha, I'm funny huh, calling this an article. Ha. Okay then... lets see...

You really want to keep reading? Well then, click on that 'more!!' link down there next to something different. Go ahead, you know you want it. You wouldn't be wearing that if you didn't want it.
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 Your Weekly News
 Added by Lord Nougat  Munday Februember 13st - 10:52:03 aM PST;

I just realized, it's Monday, and there are all sorts of neato things going on in the world right now. You've undoubtedly already heard about most of it, so I'll try to keep on point here. There are just some things you Need to Know: people should be aware of what's at stake. Meanwhile, there are terrorists that appear to be getting off scott free, and they have friends in high places. Scary. At this rate, before too long, we'll all be living on a prison planet... hahaha, look around you, most likely, you already are.

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 Lord Nougat Lives
 Added by Lord Nougat  Munday Februember 10st - 10:56:66 aM PST;

Sorry I've made no entries since, well, a long time now... I've been busy. I've been adding silly little crap-gems here and there... mostly there. Also, I've been trying to set up an online artist portfolio for a truly inspired artist.
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 Wot's all this then?
 Added by Lord Nougat  Sunday Januember 26st - 1:46:66 pM PST;

A senior member of the staff of, um, senior members, asked for advice on how to erase all history. Now the whole world has the opportunity to see my response on how to erase all history. Judging by current events, it seems only to erase all history from the minds of very very powerful tyrants and such.
  Ugh. let us not dwell on such things, when there are better things to occupy our minds.
  Yeah, I know you've already been to that page, but I updated it. I do that sometimes.

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 I know, I need to lighten up
 Added by Lord Nougat   day Januember 21nd - 1:56:66 pM PST;

I know, we've been getting all glum lately here at dieyuppiescumdotorg, and hopefully we've not driven off both of our loyal readers... it's just that all this really creepy depressing stuff is happening all around us and everybody seems to be pretending not to notice or something, so in an effort to be journalistically integritized (hehe... i bet certain rich boys think that's real word), we feel it to be our duty to draw attention to all this craziness, if only to feel justified in saying "Told You So!!!" after the fact.

To be fair, though, this 'main' or 'front' page as it were should really remain a bastion for the silly and amusing, with sections denoted for various other topics can be hidden elsewhere. Okay, so they're really still right here too, but out of sight...
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 Cartoons and Things and Stuff
 Added by Lord Nougat  day Januember 12st - 1:30:66 aM PST;

Man, Kids these days. I know how kids these days are all pretty hip to all that whacky Japanese cartoon stuff. Well, I bet Buttlord GT is going to be the next big thing! Then again, maybe it'll be CyberPope Moses and Wormwood vs. Frodo Baggins. Or maybe "Lost in Appleton". Or, then again, "Elftor" is pretty damn cool too. I'm growing fond of "Jerk City", as well, but then, LA really would qualify for that very same name, so perhaps that holds some sinister deeper meaning. Or, you could check out Electric Sheep and friends.

Ooh! I almost forgot about my very vavouritest one of all time... I just found this site.

Oh yeah, here's another good one; somewhat reminiscent of Associated Student Bodies, but...different. I like it anyway, and who else looks at this site but me anyway.
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 Added by Lord Nougat  day Januember 6st - 11:33:66 aM PST;

Free Tacos Here, and Daily Vexation here, and while you're checkin' those, do the Stray Dog Strut!

Check in 'More!' sometime tomorrow, I'll add something there then. (Update: I did). My brain feels squishy right now, so I'll put it in the fridge for a little while and see if that helps; check back in a few hours, something subtle will be different... just different enough to cause a shift in your perception. You will be wholly under my control..
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 Putrescent-Crap Trove
 Added by Lord Nougat  SaTURDay Januember 4st - 2:46:66 pM PST;

You know, as opposed to 'treasure-trove'? Yeah, whatever, you come up with something wittier (sp?) then.
Here's a teaser, my subtle form of mind control.. it's making you want to click on 'More!'... or it will as soon as, well, you look at it, check the links and find them amusing, and then, I guess come back or something and click on 'More!', but I digress. Sorry. Anyway:

Perhaps one of President Dummasses so-called "Sponsors of Terror".
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 Vacation Time for our Brains
 Added by Lord Nougat  day DECember 28st - 4:00:66 pM PST;

Jeez, sorry for not having made any (visible) updates to dieyuppiescum dotorg in so long. Want some lame excuses? Well, the damn job has given all us lowly peon contractors a 2 week 'vacation'! W00t! Holiday time! Oh, but they're unpaid weeks. Shucks.

Well, life goes on, and the good folks at dumbmonkey have given me a really prominent link, so I better get off my ass and create some content!! So, if you want it, it's there in 'More!'.
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 By Request
 Added by Lord Nougat Wen's day DECember 18st - 6:35:66 aM PST;

Okay, well, you asked for it (you know who you are), and if your bandwidth can tolerate almost 1 meg of silliness, then there's the 'More?' thing down there. Go on, I can see you are curious (except for you, you already know what it is).
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 Train/Bus Etiquette
 Added by Lord Nougat Tuesday DECember 17st - 10:59:66 aM PST;

Okay, so I was hanging out at Loristar's and read this post, which is about, among other things, stupid typical retards who share our lousy public transit system with us. (Click down there on 'More?' for... well, more.)
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 It's a sad shame
 Added by Lord Nougat Fry day DECember 13st - 4:59:66 pM PST;

It's a sad shame. The state of Cracker Jack prizes, that is. What else could I be referring to?!
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 It all becomes clear!
 Added by Lord Nougat Mun's day DECember 9st - 9:25:66 aM PST;

So I was thinking 'What the hell was I thinking when I named this site', and I surprised myself with the recollection of: 1. Getting really really annoyed with damn rich yuppie types with nicer cars than me being rude and, well, just there; and 2. Playing lots of Counter-Strike and other such fighting/killing games. Don't cry. You can go tell your mommy on me if you want, but after that, come back and play fighting and killing with me on my new aptly-named counter-strike server: DieYuppieScum! It can be easily found at the selfsame IP adress as this very page you're now viewing. Cool, huh. I'm currently working on setting up a stats page, but I'm also at work, so actual work keeps interrupting me, so there might not be any statpages for awhile. I sure do hope you guys out there like to play CS online, because it gets pretty boring on an empty server, my little Tool of Tyranny (Counter-terrorist) just standing there all lonely... so do it for him! Think of the children! How much would you expect to pay for everything shown here?! Act now! New! Improved! Et-cetera!
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 Am I obsessed with Russia or something?
 Added by Lord Nougat Thor's day DECember 5st - 9:28:66 aM PST;

Well, perhaps; but there can be no denying the quantity and quality of neat things that Russia contributes to society in so very many ways... and to this article (and maybe the last one too, sorta).
For example, all you blind out there reading my site take heed! Here is the secret to restoring vision to the blind: Hit the blind with lorries!
Also, on a slightly unrelated note, it appears that 83% of Americans are pretty damn dumb.
Of course, the truck/blind-lady thing was in Thailand, and the American thing was in, well America, duh. So what's in a name? I declare myself not obsessed with Russia, just amused by the same stuff russian blokes are.
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 Happy Monday, folks!
 Added by Lord Nougat Mun day DECember 1th - 9:46:66 aM PST;

Happy Monday, folks!
I tried to figure out how to say that in Russian, but all I found was this. Who knows why, but strange things happen on mondays, so I might as well help them along.

Okay. Go have breakfast now.
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 What does it all mean?
 Added by Lord Nougat Wen's day NOvember 27st - 10:23:66 aM PST;

You know, I always meant to do something serious, something meaningful with this site. I mean, once upon a time,I actually had dogma to lean on, and pragmatics, and things that explode. Oh well; being an anarchist these days is no picnic, so I'm officially going back into the closet, as it were... the anarchist closet, well away from the anarchist bookshelf, the anarchist medicine-cabinet, the anarchist garden, or the anarchist clothesline (after all, real anarchists don't use dryers!!!)[obviously referring to those weird hippie anarchists].
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 Stupidity Experts make Startling Discovery
 Added by Lord Nougat Munday NOvember 25st - 10:13:66 aM PST;

Experts agree! Dubya ia a moron!
Also, it would appear that all public officials in Florida should qualify for this distinction as well; this really does not qualify as news, but this does. You see, they're evicting poor people so they can knock down their houses and build low-cost housing. Uhh... yeah, okay. Next they'll be firing everybody from all the state jobs so that there will be more opportunities for the unemployed! Stupid.
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 "Honest honey, it was just an innocent passtime!!"
 Added by Lord Nougat Fry day NOvember 22st - 11:36:66 aM PST;

Too bad this law didn't come out sooner! Just think how much trouble would have been averted in Bill Clinton's presidency! And all the dumb newscasters could have gone on about some other inane and pointless 'news' instead. Oh well ... better late than never.
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 "Firemen rock!"
 Added by Lord Nougat Fry day NOvember 15st - 10:33:66 aM PST;

Okay, just in case you don't religiously check Oddtodd's website for updates everyday (or almost every day, at least), you might have missed this! Fortunately, I'm here to make sure you don't miss out ; after all, everybody knows that "Firemen rock!". Now, "Just be cool about it!"
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 Have you ever wanted to use your DDS1 or DDS2 data tape drive to play or record normal audio DATs?
 Added by Lord Nougat Thor's day NOvember 14st - 2:05:66 pM PST;

Well, Trygve has been wondering about that too, and when he posts stuff on his site someplace, it usually means he's figured it out. I know I'll have to update that,(I have updated it, since he gave it it's very own page!) apparently when it's not November anymore, judging by the way he's got his blogs arranged, but damn fascinating.
I just got some new DDS decks, I'm not really sure what they are at all, because I got a big heap of neato old SCSI devices, and little by little, I'm testing them out. I started with the DVD drive, but it's sadly dead. There's an external harddrive of some kind, and I've only tried connecting that to my Win2k box, and it was all freaked out by it... but I still wanna try mounting it on one of the unix boxen to see if there's something on that disk (and if it works at all). All this stuff came from a JPL auction, so there might be some fascinatingly boring data on there. On the other hand, they likely would not be selling off all this stuff for fracions of pennies on the dollar if it still worked. Never know, though... so I'll test out all the stuff, and let y'all know how the tape drives work out! Then I might be able to back this site up more traditionally (and regularly), AND mix down some primo audio tracks!
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 Added by Lord Nougat Wen's day NOvember 13st - 2:22:22 pM PST;

There's really no excuse for my having put this here, it's gotten around the internet, I think, but I just have to:
Meet Ellen Feiss... She makes me laugh. She'd apologize for the incredibly difficult format, but she took so many Xanaxes that she can no longer feel sorrow of any kind. the way, you might need this stupid thing. Stupid damn proprietary junk. Sorry bout that. Trust me though, it's worth it!
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 PASH (This is a PHP expiriment, if you can see this, I've pretty much learned how to use 'include' statements)
 Added by Lord Nougat  Wen's day NOvember 13st - 10:56:66 aM PST;

I'm tired of using BASH as my default shell, I'm switching to PASH.
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 Webmail! Yay!
 Added by Lord Nougat  SaTURDay NOvember 9st - 6:66:66 pM PST;

Okay, folks, I got the web-mail interface working! Now you can access your fabulous new mail account from anywhere you can get web access!
What? You don't have an account on dieyuppiescum? You want one? Well all you gotta do is ask!
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 Added by Lord Nougat  Wen's day NOvember 6st - 2:16:66 pM PST;

Sorry, that is, for neglecting to update the site since holloweenie... I've been busy doing stuff on the backend, the webserver, the network, feeding the fish, stuff like that. Just this morning I was thinking about it...on the bus I seem to think about lots more stuff than I did when I was driving. I was thinking 'Gosh, I should bring a pad of paper to write stuff on so my site would be all together and well thought out like some people do'; but I've changed my mind. This site is what it is because of my lack of organization and attention to details. Well, I guess that's not all good, and I had way more focused ideas about what this post should look like, and this isn't it at all. (This is)
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 Happy Hallowed-Ween
 Added by Lord Nougat  Thor's day Oktober 31st - 3:16:66 pM PST;

Sorry it's been so update-deficient around here lately, but I've been doing a bunch of work on the new server, such as fixing all my own dumb mistakes, and it's been busy at my job too, taking away even more valuable site-updating time!

Okay, so that's the first excuse, and here's an even better one:
(Update>Bah!! Here's what it sez on my dumb ISP's support page:
"10/30/2002 4:30 PM - Pacific Time
End users in the Los Angeles area are currently intermittent connectivity. Engineers are aware of the issue and are currently working towards a resolution. No ETR at this time.
(Hit "More!" for more of this rant)
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 Grandma Computer Project update
 Added by Lord Nougat  Wen's day Oktober 30st - 9:50:66 aM PST;

Yet another contender for the grandma computer project. This one seems promising, othr than that damn $100 price tag.
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 Added by Lord Nougat  Fry day Oktober 25st - 9:30:66 aM PST;

Okay, so I today I was looking for news to report, of funny stuff to laugh at, and all that, and was keeping track of everything by just making making links in a textfile called links for future use, but on a lark, renamed the file adding a .php extension just to see what it would look like in a browser window. It looked crummy. But, I liked the way the links sorta 'fit together', so I cleaned up the layout and rearranged stuff a bit and ended up with this. Enjoy.
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 Added by Lord Nougat  Fry day Oktober 25st - 10:15:66 aM PST;

Okay. That was a stupid idea. Never ever ever try to use a Compaq Presario (sorrio) as a server. Trust me; just don't even try. Long story short, I'm in the market for a new motherboard, some new harddrives, and, well that's it, my parts bin overfloweth otherwise... I'm only lacking in functional motherboards and harddrives. FreeBSD installed fine, by the way. It was a thing of beauty for a short time... until one of he harddrives just up and quit...and I suspect there is a problem in the BIOS of the sorry thing's motherboard too... it's all messed up. I'm gonna just salvage the working components, then fix the rest with the format hammer, or the repartitioning chainsaw, or the data-security microchip chisel.

But enough about me, how are you doing? That's nice.

I know you folks don't come here to hear me whining about my crappy hardware that I mostly scrounged from rubbish bins anyway...that's what I get, I hear you saying, it was thrown away for a reason. Indeed. So, I will provide some news and stuff. There's been too much funny stuff, I don't want to be considered biased, so here's some not as funny stuff. Here's the reason I did not want to go with cable, and chose really expensive DSL instead (Well, this, and the fact there IS no cable in my blighted area).

Maybe it's time to run with that whole Mediajerks media trading site thing slash record label.
Ebay is stupid. Now giving up your rights in the name of 'security' can be even more literal!
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 Busy, busy busy
 Added by Lord Nougat  Wen's day Oktober 23st - 02:49:66 pM PST;

Busy work, all the time. Well, I still have time to update me wee site. So, now I have DSL! Yay for me, but it's super slow for dsl (144kb both ways), not at all bad though, all things considered... I'm still waiting for my /30 subnet 'upgrade', as I'm on NAT right now, so I can't serve anything yet. Well, not from there at least. Soon I have plenty of things that gotta get done:

(Well duh. Hit more for more)
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 Happy news! Now isn't that nice for a change?!
 Added by Lord Nougat  Teusday Oktober 22st - 08:59:66 aM PST;

This is so cool. I hope he never has to see a cubicle; he's earned the right.

Maybe it's high time we become game developers. Well, maybe not 'we' per se, (continued, click more, to see more)
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 Something tasty
 Added by Lord Nougat  SaTURDay Oktober 19st - 06:66:66 pM PST;

Our nice neighbour (who's also one of our very bestest friends) took me shopping today; he has a car, you see. Well, we picked up some parts for my nifty, yet not currently functional, Corvair; then we went for groceries. How is this in any way interisting to anyone, you ask? Well, it just plain isn't. Sally wanted a pizza, so, being the cheapskate that I am, I got the generic Safeway select 'verdi self-rising crust' pizza. 2 for $7. Not bad, huh. Easily enough for two.

Well, where I'm going with this is, this is the absolutely best frozen pizza we've ever had! I heartily recommend it. If you know how I can get money from Safeway for saying what super-great frozen pizza they have, let me know, I can use it. It really is that good though. Try it. If you don't like it, you must be a really frreakish person who has really outta whack tastes and is into really gross stuff. or something.
 Something completely different  |  Complaints

 Added by Lord Nougat  Fry-day Oktober 18st - 09:33:63 pM PST;

Creative name for an update, huh? Well, as it stands, looks like I'm getting ghetto-DSL to my pad this coming monday, the 21st. And not a minute too soon, as it turns out. You see, the mighty Biderbek, my good pal who's been hosting this monstrosity for... well, forever. Well, the time has come for him to move up one rung, and move from an apartment to a house of his own, and moving is always a huge pain, so the server is going to have to be down for a little while. Or is it? See, now that I will have bandwidth, the server (or at least the www directory) will get to live on my very own webserver. Bider actually hosts a pretty significant number of domains from one little old dual-proc pentium pro box. I sorta think that the time has come for all those domains to move to an Athlon box. Maybe not, stupid athlon heat issues...a server needs to not be overheating and shutting itself off and crap like that; well I have a weekend to think about it!

At any rate, there will be some downtime, at least the time it'll take for dns records to get propagated, what's that, like 24-48 hours max? We'll see how it works out, but just keeping you informed.
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