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Here are some of the things people were looking for when they stumbled into my site

www.the site i just wen to
Some retarded confused AOL user type perhaps?

webserver on own subnet picture. Maybe they meant something like this.

Then there were lots of people searching for "XP license key" or similar. Maybe this will help.

"T.V is bad for you"

"Harddrive" AND "pennies on the dollar"
I wonder if they found what they were looking for

making paper airoplanes
I have no idea what could be in DieYuppieScum anywhere resembling that search string, but tons of people found us with similar searches. Weird. Did I write something about paper airoplanes?
Update:  Well, now this page is getting lots of hits from folks doing a similar search, so I figured, as a public service, I should provide what the public wants. Well, being lazy, I found this site instead (paperairplanes.co.uk). (That link goes to that pommie brit's paper aeroplane page, but these don't, they go several other places.)
Sheesh, I've got enough about paper aeroplanes to write a nice article now, so most likely this will soon be getting it's very own page.

adding fractions
That was an AOL search. I have no ides what AOL's deal is with that!

viverridae OR counterservice OR ingrate OR philosopheme OR protempirical
Probably my very favouritest

yuppie scum must die
Indeed. Lighten up, man. Truth be told, everything 'dies' eventually.

"freddy mercury was born"
Theoretically. Some say he created himself - a sort of parthenogenesis. Still others say a wizard made him of sequins and sculpey and moustache hair.

kill everybody that looks different
Okay, maybe this one is my favourite. Luckily, you can't tell if I actually look 'different' here on the web.

safeway verdi pizza
Mmmm. Pizza.

interisting webpages
Flattering, if not correctly spelled.

lord wonko of cheese

crap on ghandi.
No crapping on Ghandi! Can't you read the sign? It says "No Crapping on Ghandi"
You can, however, feel free tp crap at work.

"actually work related"
Isn't this ALL work related?

fixing harddrives
Hehe, like, maybe with the Format Hammer!

Several Duppae, in fact.

los angeles 18st
Cool results from this one! Look at me, all surrounded by pseudo scary sounding gangy things!! Just like LA. And, the stereotypes are all true... it's all fake.

Azuregreen +complaints.
That sucks. I hope they got their gripe settled... but then, I generate so few sales for them that I have yet to actually make any money off that ad; I'll just hope it's all cool

"xp license key"
Well, actually I was getting sort of alot of hits from people looking for this, but that was before I started keeping track on this page. The article in question can be found here.

shell vacation complaints
If you need a vacation from your shell, perhaps you should switch to TCH. Or BASH, the Bourne Again Shell... then there's PASH, the PORN again shell...

anarchists webmail -debian
Hmm. This would sorta fit that description, yet no one has submitted a request for a webmail account since this referral. Perhaps he (or she, sorry gals) meant + instead of -, and really wanted a webmail account on a server running Debian. Picky bastards.

closet anarchist
Honey, closets are for clothes

crap blokes stuff

Sponsored Results for "drangle cheese"
What the hell is drangle cheese? And what's this incredibly shitty 'sponsored results' crap? And what was dieyuppiescum.org doing in there? Those, and many other questions, remain unanswered: tonight at ten!

"implore thee my foonting turlingdromes"

Excellent! (rubbing hands together in a ridiculously melodramatic way)

Ghandi advice on War in Iraq
I'm sure Ghandi's advice on the war with Iraq would be, in essence, 'Donate money and your material posessions to Lord Nougat through that PayPal link down there'.

crapping at work
I strive to always crap at work, so that not only am I doing it on the clock (making me a 'Professional Crapper'), but I'm also not having to pay for TP!

blokes holiday pics in thailand
Sounds like fun!

setting die on crap
Hmm. Okay. Oh, maybe they mean, like in Vegas the Riviera... like playing craps, but the dice are rigged... or something.

pugle dog pics
Now, that's just mean. Don't be pugling dogs. Only pugle other fellow pugilists.

distributed computing pussy
Well, I suppose he might've found what he (or she) was looking for. It, strangely, linked to this page. Freaky, no? Well, maybe it was all because of that little link down there near the bottom of the page, by the freaky little truck thing.

Gerald Bull
Woo-Hoo!!! We made 603rd in this MSN search!!


Asus boards and their BIOS software illicit emotional responses... that makes them TRUE ART!!! or not

Capslock, dumbass. I know lots of sources for such things, and will be happy yo let you know WHEN YOU'VE LEARNED THE PROPER USE OF YOUR GODDAM CAPSLOCK KEY!!!

"yuppie scum must die"
As must we all, but your in the right place, my friend.

anime (munga) movies
Is that you, Dr Shleckenbecker?

Apparently, shameless self-promotion works!

Brit's cute pics
I don't know what the hell they were looking for with this search, but they found the best site possible.

"music industry" and "piracy fight"
from WashingtonPost dot com at that!!

reaction in human "reroduction"
What really weirds me out is that it brought the searcher to dieyuppiescum.org/bushfamily

how to erase porn off harddrive

scott marchus resume

Hm. I hope they found that depressing little mirror, er, amusing or something.

ren and stimpy log
I can't believe how many places I get linked from that alta-vista search! And I haven't the foggyest idea as to why that is, either. It must psychically know that I am super awesomely cool, and therefore, obviously, dig Ren & Stimpy!

stupid cowboy knowledge
What more can I say?

"picture of a wet pussy"
This one cracked me up. I forgot I did that; just click the link and see what I mean, it's considerably less scandalous than it sounds, and can be considered 'safe for work'.

to this specific page, that is.