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Here's some mirrors. They will most likely not reflect your image, but that of somebody else's website. Apparently, they are MAGIC mirrors! Ooh.

The Gospel According to Cheese, from here. Mirrored Dia Delos Muertos, '03

An amazing editorial on the 'pledge', mirrored from the memphisflyer.com (10-25-3)

Sean Penn is now my hero. (6-3-3)

Washington Post article about Sex Ed classes in GW's land of the (legally mandated) ignorant

Court orders ISPs to help in "piracy fight", and here from another news source as well

The illustrius skeletons (or skulls, at least) of the Bush family closet

Congress thinks that parents don't have the qualifications to judge for themselves what video games their kids can buy. Congress also hates games.

Many figureheads of power are just that... puppets of sorts. Our president seems to be some sort of puppet; a marionette or a dummy. He seems rather like a dummy, as marionette sounds far too civilized. If he was a marionette, Paul Wolfowitz would be the man holding at least a couple of strings... perhaps he is- although I think that Bush is a dummy, and dummies sit on laps and, oh, you know the rest.

And now for something completely different

Bush knows nothing of this 'separation of church and state' business

Well, at least it can't be called 'reality' TV.

Robert Knight tells descendant of Mark Twain that the author is burning in hell.

Those wacky friends of ours. Hey, wait, killing random people you've never met is not actually cool.

Finally, some good news...at least if you happen to be a fat rat.

Be sure to always believe everything your government tells you to, like a good little cog.

Secret sources obtained a secret screenshot from a top level RIAA executive's computer

There is still hope in the Kingdom of Irony

This is really par for the course in the Bush family. An article from the Orlando Sentinel. Poor Orlandoids, I gotta say, come to think of it, L.A. is not so bad. Our library is WAAAY better than theirs, at least it doesn't face budget cuts that would close it. Bush, being profoundly eloquent and intelligent, a long-time family trait tells the press ""So, stop writing about it." And as if that's not enough, a bunch of his constituents drunkenly stumble and stomp all over the school's field, mutilating it worse than any lacrosse players ever could.

Whatever happened to truth in advertising? They want to go on about war, but they don't want us to think about the actual atrocities of mortal suffering and slaughter.

God hates you

US War Crimes. As mirrored from the Oregon Daily Emerald

Sadly, crap like this is starting to seem more like the norm than anything shocking.

I don't know how they plan to spin this as 'For The Children! Under God!' but I know that somehow they will. Kill the poor. That's the real motto of the US these days.

Yay. War.

How the hell is it tresspassing if it's on 'Public Property'?! And what stupidassed research shows depleted uranium "does not pose an environmental hazard and certainly not a health hazard."

Colon is a big liar.

University city is clearly EVIL!!! They are going to kill us all with their nefarious weapon of mass desruction: CIVIL RIGHTS!!! GASP!!

Corn Dogs = War! Don't worry, the Duct Tape will protect you.

Anti-sodomy dissent mirrors justification for slavery, scholars say. From

OpenSolaris: Innovation Matters

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"Their hatred for homework streams into space. It forms a monster there." -Some Guy in "Godzilla Vs. Gigan" (1972)

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