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 LAN of the Free
 Added by Lord Nougat  An Ongoing Feature

I keep saying "Land of the Free", again and again, as if it were a cliche... Well, I guess it actually is a cliche at this point, since it has been rendered meaningless by all the tales we've been sold by those we've come to believe we had elected. Don't get me wrong, there still are ways to make a difference through voting; municipal politics (as trite as they can be) can still be effectively influenced by the voices of the constiuents of the community, for better or worse. At any rate, I grow increasingly frustrated with every passing year, month, week, day, etcetera to the point where it all just seems futile. Well, here on my LAN, I rule 9 computers with an iron fist. I want them to be happy and live comfortable productive lives, though, so henceforth I shall allow them all to have a say in every decision made in the confines of this local net. So far they seem, much like the American populace, totally apathetic and react to my input in mostly predictable ways.

So, on to the real stuff:

Propaganda is always an important part of any government's power. Here comes some now! First some oldies, Classic Propaganda, then we come to the present to enjoy Modernized Propoganda.

Sometimes everything sucks and nothing even seems funny anymore. Today is one of those days. Well, here's some news about our glorious allies.

I dare you to read this and still say you're proud to be an 'american'.

Useful data is rapidly disappearing from government controlled websites. Wat a surprise. Some of it lives on.

Well, now here's more of the usual bad news. Yes, we have no bananas. (bananas = civil rights). 'Nazis' and friends, (oh crap, did I just accidentally invoke Godwin's law? Pretend you didn't notice, for the sake of argument and stuff) spindoctors will rename it, of course, but you just know it's gonna be the next big kidshow craze with (or for) the children (under god). At least someone has retained some sanity. Indeed.

Land of the Free, home of the brave", other nonsense, and more bad news. If only there was a bit more consistency to the enforcement of policy.

The US caring for "tired, your poor, your huddled masses" yada etc bla bla.

Okay, so now everybody is considered guilty until proven innocent.

Wow. A true hero, in his own words(mirrored, just in case). Strong, dissenting, bold voices like this one (also a mirror, also just in case) give me hope for the future... if but there were more like this man.

Orwell lives.

Gosh, shocking. What a surprise.

Speaking of Orwellian, if I disappear tomorrow, you better not ask any questions, or you'll be next. (mirror of LATimes article)

Reagan/Bush (senior AND junior!) brilliance.

Free 'get out of the draft' card. You know they're just itching to reinstate the draft, but it's easy to avoid now! After all, you're 'unsuitable'

Illegal imprisonment, getting 'disappeared'? Land of the free? Hehe. That's a good one.

Operation Infantile Justice

Big Fed. Look at all Dubya's promises there.

More typical news. Certain unalienable rights, huh?

I keep saying 'land of the free', and it keeps getting less funny.

Okay, I promise, I won't say 'land of the free' again.

Land of the lost, because it sure ain't the land of the free

Oh crap! Our American stupidity is contageous!! The Canadian cops are becoming more American all the time! What would Dudly Doright have to say about this?!

The Axis of Ævil!!

Lying Media Bastards. With a name like that, DieYuppieScum ought to forge an alliance of some kind with them.

AmericaHeldHostile! If you click on no other link on this site ever, click this one. Seriously.

Truth Out

It's getting ridiculous. Nobody is safe from the witch hunt. It's the American Inquisition.

Humanitarians? Bah! Humanitarianism IS TERRORISM!!" And, of course you know what we do to terrorists here.

The first amandment does not, apparently, apply to 15 yr olds.

Not all is lost. There is always hope, at least in the Kingdom of Irony
(The above is a completely anatomically correct mirror of a page on somebody else's site. All his things should work right on it, and it's rather worth checking out. Cool, huh?)

Still, a man can be arrested, lose his home, girl, and all worldly posessions in the process, just to be acquitted 10 months later. An innocent man, mind you, just like you or I, left indigent, bereft and homeless by the system, with no recourse at all. Heh, land of the free. Right.

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