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Only the Absolutely Most Important Links

I think I like this web comic
Making boat cushions
The cure for homophobia has been discovered!
Dive Into HTML 5
A nice boat!
Virulent Memes.
Just a good, intelligent, bloggish thing. Austrailian, I think.

"Hello, I'm calling on behalf of 'Fly By Night Industries..."
I actually like getting called by telemarketers. This is why.
The Japanese have a thing for hideous clothes sometimes.
Europeans are always ahead of us in so many ways
The Rocklopaedia Fakebandica
Librarians don't always fit all of the stereotype.
Prior-Art-O-Maticjust may push you down a staircase!
And then there are all these absolutely amazing robots that can do many different useful or stupid things. It's almost scary.
Hey kids, want to learn something really fresh and dope about food safety? Meet Thermy and Bac, your friendly USDA food safety mascots! They're really to the max! These are the only welding masks I buy these days. No other brand can even hope to compete.
What could be more useful than Search With Porn?
English as She is Spoke vs. Babelfish
Why is Star Wars so very stupid now?
Saddam Hussein - insane madman, vicious dictator and fabulous rap star?
Who knew that becoming a parent could be so funny?
The Chickenhawk Database.
What does Nike produce? (a) overpriced shoes. (b) highly profitable sweatshops. (c) surreal television commercials made in cooperation with fans of 'extreme sport'/art/philosophy Le Parkour. (d) all of the above.
Poor leeches
Very clever modern Bonsai.
For some reason, I've never had any problem with leathers; in fact, not wearing them has caused me much more grief, but if you're a better vegan than I, this place is for you.
If that's not the place for you, then maybe you need to go to Planet Prostate.
Tactical Gizmology God, New York is cool.
A guy who really REALLY needs to calm down.
SeanBaby, uh, and stuff. Stupid, stupid stuff.
Gee, Davey, when do we get our check from the Mountain Dew (TM) people?
I don't know about you, but sometimes I need help building computers too. You can ask Andy.
I always find anything and everything I need at VillianSupply.com
This looks like the best musical EVER!
A handy service, you can hire your own fake terrorists!
A handy Google mirror!
An ironic and interesting fact: The New York Dolls got their name from this place. Johnny Thunders is still God!
Realdoll Surgery.
Trying to remember the 80s? Here, put these on. If you're unemployed, how about this?
I'm tired of using BASH as my default shell, I'm switching to PASH.
Cat and Girl.
Chick Comics offend people.
Wow, cool! I've just found deviant art!
Famous last words and stuff.
Seriously, The most helpful web development site I've seen yet.
Sally is looking for someone.
Hm. Okay, well...this is not a link (yet); but I just read in this book I'm reading that 'katoey' is Thai for 'lady-boy'. Interesting. Now I'll have to travel to Bangkok, I'll be able to understand one word at least!
Okay, if you're looking to get me something, my birthday is whenever it is most convenient for you to give me many fine things ; I can't expense out things like this or this or this or this or even this anymore!!! And although I'd love to have any one of those excellent titles, the ones I've really been looking for, sans success thus far have been this PHP pocket reference book, and maybe this, if there are details missing from the littler pocket reference book, but for what I'm doing here, I kinda doubt that! Oh, and the ONE single title I keep looking for, and forgetting the title of, and finding nowhere is... you ready... take notes.... there might be a quiz...
This one!!!
And, just as a reminder to myself, the title is "Web Database Applications with PHP & MySQL". Maybe now I will remember. (Update:1.14.3: I remembered. It's good. I still want more.)
Team sports not really your thing? Okay then how about this?
This may prove useful. (Game copy world)
Did I already post this in here? It's really helpful, and I don't think I did, it is Building a website with php and mysql. Or something like that...and that's exactly what I'm trying to do. It'll be so much easier to administer and update then, therefore I'll be more likely to do so on a relatively more regular basis! Bla!
This site is even better than the last few I linked to, so far as advanced web administration goes.
Design #591829478. I feel reassured just thinking about it. But the cure may be more of a problem than the symptoms.
Sally knows how to spell potato, if not how to properly use one. I thought they were for eating. Silly me.
I love AMD products, and swear by (even at, sometimes) my Athlon 1400; but HOT-Damn, does it bake. Well, no, maybe it Fries!
Speaking of hot computer parts, here's a generous supply of penis/hot computer information from our Pommie-Pals at TheReg.
Stupid pigeons
Here is that dumb Iguana thing I mentioned, Sal.
In case you were wondering, this was always my favourite place to shop for spares and luminescent whatnot for the motorbike.
Norwegians can tell that 'Santa Klauz is coming soon!'
More robots that you can possibly handle!
Perhaps the best short story ever. You be the judge.
The Portal of E-Ville.
"This looks like a job for...Captain Obvious"
Need a brain? Get yours here!
Donkey Kong!
Fascinating. Extraordinarily creepy, but fascinating.
If you ask me, running windows at all is mostly useless, except for in large company office environments where instability and unreliability is desireable, for increased coffeebreak time, and more need for erotic IT support staff. But, really, seriously, you know all those dumb crappy apps that start when you boot your windoes machine, helping it take over 5 minutes to get a simple task done? Well, here's a list of them, with descriptions and stuff even!. Pretty cool, huh?
I've been meaning to do this websearch for awhile now, and finally I've found him: My favouritest poet
Deadly Verbiage Ninjas.   What can I say about these guys... a wacky lot they seem to be.
Sacred Texts archive! Very handy, and full of real gems, too!
Dumb Monkey.
Nitwitology. A course I take every single damn day of my life spent outside of my home, and occasionally even inside my home. Ineffectual Dorks. Oh, by the way, I hate the color teal.
She thinks they won't Buy the Cow. I would, but I know my planet is just too small for cows.
Oooh... whatever you do, Don't link to them.
What's on your refrigerator's door? Gibberations?
"With a name like Mangled Baby Puppies it's gotta be good!"
Which side of this thing is supposed to face up?
Our pal Biderbek has been making us paranoid about network and data security. He's often right about stuff, though; he reccommends these sites. And rightfully so.
Dr.Shleckenbecker recommended this art site. Oh, and this one too.
Holy Bat-Shit!!!
"What kind of sick weirdo are you?"
It's not a question of whether or not you are gay, but how gay are you?
The agony and extasy of recipes and old food related ads and stuff.
(Censored) Education
The Beer Fairy. "I hope Beer chan be loved by everyone !! It can be going to be a favorite of your beer lover father !?"
Earlier, I mentioned some ad from Apple's 'Switch' campaign. This is an even better switch campaign.
Sorta, kinda
The lesser known atmospheric layer.
Another amusing blog, plenty of good links to check out too.
You've seen that amihotornot ar whatever it's called at some point, right? Bunch of nancy-lads and trollops. Now, this is sexy.
I don't know if I'm stout enough for this. I hope I am, it's a damn amusing site- in much the way dieyuppiescum.org hopes to be when he grows up. I know, referring to it as a person is weird and creepy... it's all just part of my new 'Weird & Creepy'™ approach.
It's weird how nobody remembers the original Lord of the Rings motion picture, and believes the newer one to be the first. I'm not talking about that wretched animated one either.
These nice people want to help you stop masturbating so you don't go to hell.
Birds are scary!
Cause and effect. Don't be confused.
Careful with this one, it's cleverly disguised as a really tasteless pr0n site, but there's some funny-as-hell stuff in there... just don't open it up at work, except maybe with a text browser or something.... no wait, that would be uninteresting. Perhaps with image loading disabled. Maybe just wait till you get home, unless you're homeless, in which case I hope you'll except our sincerest apologies for our lack of sensitivity.
James Simone, 54, Patrolman. I like my job. I get to shoot lots of people!
Go to hell!!
Alot of people have the same problems these days, such as finding and keeping good jobs. All the good jobs these days are 'projects', and hire people on as contractors, just to drive home that whole "this job is totally temporary" thing. So, lots of people are looking for jobs. If you are looking for work, be sure to watch out for stuff like this.
Here, there, and everywhere. Really now, isn't it funny how people get accused of being addicted to video games, simply because they play them constantly; but for people who never play them don't get accused of being addicted to real life.
What a bunch of dorks! Dork king extraordinaire
Al Those poor IP Relay operators repeat crazy stuff that's typed to them.
Team Murder. StupidEvilBastard. Don't save karyn a bunch of bums that want your cash. Repent.
I'm sorry, what was your name again?
Um, I don't know what to say about this, but these guys do.
Yum. Trilobites are tasty too
Architectural design toys
Buffalo beast
. "Bombadil aka B-dil aka MC First and Fatherless and, Straight outta Fangorn, Quickbeam aka Q-Beam aka Bregalad the Onodrim representin' the O.G.'s"
JCPenneys' 1980 catalogue
Turkish turkies! Arse or Elbow?
Stirling engine, invented in 1816. A beautiful and efficient motor.
Defective Yeti
ascii rock
Photographs of Signs Enforcing Racial Discrimination: Documentation by Farm Security Administration-Office of War Information Photographers
DeCSS!!! I must be some kind of outlaw!
B.L.F., or, Billboard Liberation Front
Weird Victorian creepyness
Don't judge a book by it's cover
A collection of keychains
Obscure early Dr Seuss works
One of my favourite poison stories
DeCSS Gallery!
Are you a dirty redneck hick? Well, fear nor, you are now in fashion!
The real girl form epanema!
Polskie propaganda, as if we don't have enough of the domestic stuff here!
The Museum of Foreign Foods. well, foreign to them, at least.
Postal Experiments from the Annals of Improbable Research, or AIR, formerly known as Journal of Irreproducible Results (1955-1994). They are the best.
If I was a teacher, I'd totally put this on a test.
Two of my favourite things combined! Peanuts and Tarot!
Camden Markets
Everybody I know makes fun of Britney because they think she is vapid, moronic and shallow. Clearly, they don't know about this!
With a name like Vintage Skivvies, it's gotta be good!
Man, I live in LA, like these whiners; I am rapidly joining the ranks of the elderly and monitarily challenged, so I want a piece of that class-action lawsuit pie!
Ha, ha. The RIAA can suck on this one!
Te Guardian.co.uk made this great 2003 Survival Guide page. I have mirrored it here, in printer friendly format.
Einstein's theory of Relativity, explained entirely using words with 4 letters or less!
How hard could it be to learn Finnish and move someplace where they speak it?
Learn how to be a groupie, in 15 easy steps!
So, you think you are intelligent, huh? Prove it by taking the Turing Tests. Or, just write some music.
You have no excuse for not using Linux!
Is there no cure for Hyperthymia?
Lady Nougat swears by the mad doctor's soap, but we've always had a good laugh reading the nutty shizznet on the soap labels!
Few 'military minds' can truly be considered as great, but this one may just qualify.
It's weird how very dumb the average ISP customer is. I don't even know what my isp provided email address is! I mean, I could look it up, but I've never used it, and I see no reason to ever do so... I've switched ISPs 3 times now, keeping the same email addresses. Ah, the joy of having your own server...with all this bandwidth, and the affordability of domain names and hardware, there's really no excuses not to; except for, perhaps, obtuseness.
Bovineinversus.com.   So, shouldn't it be an inverted cow then?
It's a sad story, just because we know how it ended. (Hendrix)
not getting enough SPAM these days? Well then, you need Spamyousillydotcom!!!. Get yours today!
Kids these days. Back in my day we appreciated poetry. mind you, that's a NYTimes link, I may get around to mirroring it if and when I write something pertinant; but that remains to be seen.
The very first recordings to have gotten around the totalitarian control of the RIAA
Those silly airforce boys are still using tired old derivatives of dexadrine, when they could 'get with the times' and take modafinil
soon, i will add a search feature. This is really just to help me remember where it's at, since nobody looks at this page ever anyway.
REAL street-fighting tips! Better than those nationally advertised brands, at half the price!
VASC, or Vision and Autonomous Systems Center. Yaknow, more robots and stuff.
Just in case you need to find a vintage German Tank manual online, this one may help a bit.
I'm not sure, but the suspicious vapidity of our major news outlets in this country fuels my paranoid tendancies. I think it's largely propaganda; pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. We have people who learned from the best, methinks.
"Something tells me they're not in Kansas anymore, you insipid little dog"
Insurance companies once again proving that they are evil and stupid.
Fat fsckin' terrorists! Yes, they are!Much like some TV stations, just remember, kids, when you buy gasoline, you support terrorism too!
Bla bla bla, some retarded words from weak-minded idiot Robert Knight.
Yep, True and Fair.
SouthernVoice - Not what you'd expect coming from the Southern portion of the U.S.
Yech. Both Celine Dion AND Chrysler make nothing I want any part of. Bluck. Jeez, every damn little thing about this story sucks completely and needs to be taught in gradeschool textbooks. Shame it's not, nor will ever be more than a footnote to those who believe what thier told to believe.
This is worrisome. Sex.com got 'stolen' by some crook, and the owner's SOL.
Woman gives cop the finger. A plainclothes, 'undercover' one who wouldn't show any ID, at that!
WTF!?!? Fundies are insane AND dumb
I tell you, all those disgusting heteros are perverted child molesters
Yet another example of the reliability of eye-witness testimony. A fatal one. Old lady not trying to deviate from stereotypes at all. (As with many of these links, this one is from morons.org) Depressing and weird.
Stupid people. Don't they know that rocks won't kill a vampire. Just ask Anne Rice, or something.
Cereal Killah
No fear of vampire Beatles, huh? I bet Ringo could take 'em.
Keep looking. Don't ever stop looking, or you'll miss it!
I know what's on your minds...the burning question that has never left your mind for long, ever since you were a child.What's up with Henrietta Pussycat?
Lady Nougat has been pestering me to get a washing machine for quite some time now. I bet this is not what she had in mind. I bet the dogs love it. Our dog smells.
Todd has cool cars
Finally! An effective way to dispose of all those pesky DVDs and CDs! Thank you, alera technologies!
American ingenuity + American Farming subsidies = Well, this
Xuehxolotl, with stuffing, and all the trimmings!
Um, okay.
WTF?! What are all those giant letters aboot?!
The Harry Potter Lexicon
Etymology, or the origins of words are all over the internet, but nobody will tell my why the words "good" and "wood" rhyme in both English and Farsi. Not like I'd have noticed if it weren't for memepool.com
  I seem to be forming a collection of swf files these days, so they will eventually get their own page, until then, here they be: All your base!!!  |  Japanese flash movie thing celebrating the penis, I think.  |  Pac Man  |  Leading scientific minds have posited various theories about anciant man, who built stuff waaay before Stonehenge, such as Dirthenge. Druids had their own technology that was pretty l337 in it's day, considering the primitive state of programming, but the Martian Dirthenge-ites were WAAY ahead of the game, but that's another story for another day. Execution by Guilloche
40 ounces... blurg.
Implosion World, where demolition comes alive.
Alice and Bob kinda freak me out
I hear ninjas can just make you die by sneaking up on you and touching you just so. Who the hell volunteered to get killed like that?!
Dude, whatthehellhappenedtoyourface!!! Oh my god!! Aaaargh!! It's too awful for words! No, that's wrong! Make it stop!

Have you considered moving to Pittsburgh lately? Even if it is The Pitts,
perhaps you should reconsider. Kids love it!
Books are one of the few things I genuinely hold sacred.
Biderbek has posited that removal of dumb warnings from stuff might aid in natural selection, reduce overpopulation (of dumb people anyway), and make society better in many basic ways.
A HUGE conspiracy!! and stuff
Euh? Edward Abbey Quote Index
Lady Nougat will want this
How do you get a job at Underwriters Laboratories?
I am Lord Nougat (Praise the Lord), so I am accustomed to smiting my unruly minions and stuff, but all you folks, my loyal worshipper(s?) know not the glee of such an activity. Well, not until now
My roadster was cooler than this one, but I still like them.
Sheesh, we're getting old! Look what's in Yesterday Land!
Has anybody made you cabbage lately?
I think zombies are sexy
Stupid neo-nazi retard getting what he deserves
Web app security thang
Typical bible thumping fundamentalist
Ooh....Simon is Magic!
This is American justice. Of course, it is a little weird, but prison time?!! Ridiculous.
Giveboobs.com vs. Giveschlong.com
I swear, this'god' guy gets a bad rap because of all his stupid fans.
Yep, Shaq's still retarded.
My homework for tonight
Further proof that the DMCA is total crap.
I'm not sure how legit this story is, but the very idea of it is pretty astounding. For instance, one part is pretty irrefutable, specifically: "Since Sharon became Israeli prime minister, Tel Aviv has mainly limited its practice of targeted killings to the West Bank and Gaza because "no one wanted such operations on their territory," a former Israeli intelligence official said."   Okay, so what they're saying is that murder is okay, provided it's in the West Bank and Gaza? And the idea of those Israeli stormtroopers roaming the world and killing as they see fit is just not pleasant.
Children of the avrilution
What's the name of this song that's stuck in my head?
What's that 3d shape that's stuck in my head?
And, what the hell is that smell?
An automatic stuff finder, which finds all the very best and most desireable items on auctions worldwide!
This is a somewhat helpful php/mysql tutor of a site.
Woohoo!!! I didn't get an F! Okay, well, it was an F+
The end really is 'nigh'or whatever
Well, duh.
New?Why did we need a new study on this, weren't the zillions of other ones to their liking?
Amazing research. How do they do it?
But they still go to those idiotic 'DARE' mind-was-a-thons
This is exactly the reason I changed my name to Lord Nougat
Block these on your firewall: and
Under god my ass. You recite the damn thing, I am 'under' no 'god' (at the moment, at least)
Teaching is a hard job. Idiots should not be allowed to do it.
This is just not fair. Although, I wouldn't mind if the LA MTA had rules like this... it wouldn't matter anyway, it has lots of rules already, and I see pretty much all of them broken every damn day, usually both ways, to home, and to work. Peeing, drinking anything (but ut always seems to be 40 ouncers), carving things onto bus surfaces, or hopping around noisily annoying and bumping into lots of other people all seem like things there ought to rules against, at least.
Okay, some stuff is totally weird.
Sheesh. Yet another reason to not have sex with a woman.
Well, what's fair is fair.
Is Doctors can be heroes too
Columbus schmolumbus
I believe the word for this would be 'insideous'.
National Resources Defense Council
Free speech / Frank Zappa, who sure got alot done!
Hmm, neat. The Bonanza of Great Guitar Solos
TheSentamentalist, found through that dumb monkey.
This blog is ultramicroscopic. "That means something very tiny, LIKE YOUR BRAIN!!
Oooh, pretty.
Wood's Lot, a really excellent blog
There used to be a great paper here, the LA New Times. A bit subversive sometimes, and the way it spontaneously seemed to just disappear overnight, it makes me really wonder what the hell happened. Well, this is kinda like that.
It's ($~) o'clock, do you know where you servers are?
Identity Theory
The Examined Life, online philosophy journal.
The North Gate, on War
Note to self: Educate your dumb self
the gbca. Promising little opinion piece... or something.
Where have all the funeral tickets gone?
Abandoned ROMs
Way too much sense? Well, the layout leaves something to be disired, I know not what, so don't ask.. but it's still filled with thought provoking editorials, and lots of, er, words and stuff. I like it.
Penguin Weekly. Yikes! That poor hardware! Cool stuff!
If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?
Haha. Utah 'porn czar' gets the axw due to budget cuts. Sometimes things work out for the best!
State of the union? I haven't looked at this yet.
Hey, buddy, you got a light?
Not sleeping well?. Maybe it's because of that noodle incident.
Patent? What patent? WTF are you talking about? Go away.
Oddly Duppy!
Woohoo! Fun!
This should not be funny, but it is. Getting robbed by dorks in their underwear.. sheesh.
Goddammit!! Can't you read the sign?! It says No Crapping in the Pool!!
You Joe!
Living in LA ain't all bad, we have adorable cockroaches.
Welcome to car history 101. Today, we are studying Ford Mavericks, and Triumph Spitfires. For extra credit, there's the Corvair, or the Hillman Minx. Unfortunately, due to the revisionist nature of history, we will not be covering the section on Spyders.
The minimum wage is indeed minimum, and has apparently been so to varying degrees for some time.
Hmm. So kids can be tried as adults whenever the courts decide they feel like it, yet they're not allowed to drink, smoke, vote, fornicate, or see porno movies.
This story better not be true. i've linked to it before, but for some reason it seemed to have stopped working.
This might seem creepy and bad if it weren't so damn silly sounding
Huh?! I this assclown saying something sensible? Or is he just blowing around hot air again so we won't notice he's not wearing any pants?
Heh. Texas cops are playing with toys. Oh yeah, land of the free, bla bla etc.
Mmm, son this is good! I'm gonna go and see if joe neighbour wants some
It's not a mad mad (etc) world... it's only the USA. (also mirrored here, just in case)
Has it? I hadn't noticed
Gah!! We are surrounded by idiocy!!!
Are they talking about Keith Moon? Hrm, guess not
Poor people have less money, therefore they should pay more taxes to make up for their unfair tax advantage.
Ooh! More insightful research
Both junior and senior have profound control of propoganda machine.
See, this is why cockfighting is illegal.
So much terrible stuff has been happening in Africa lately, and for some reason, it just doesn't get reported by our retarded mainstream news. Fortunately, Good stuff happens tehre too, but then, that gets reported like crazy.
Yep, MmmHmm, here's the Fargo script, you becha yah.
Let's all talk like Stephen Hawking! If only we could all be as smart. But not paralysed and all that
Boastful killer shows the court who's stupid
Nietzsche was absolutely right; "Blind pupils. -- As long as a man knows very well the strength and weaknesses of his teaching, his art, his religion, its power is still slight. The pupil and apostle who, blinded by the authority of the master and by the piety he feels toward him, pays no attention to the weaknesses of a teaching, a religion, and soon usually has for that reason more power than the master. The influence of a man has never yet grown great without his blind pupils. To help a perception to achieve victory often means merely to unite it with stupidity so intimately that the weight of the latter also enforces the victory of the former."
-from Nietzsche's Human, all too Human, s.122, R.J. Hollingdale transl.
Supreme Court rewrites Constitution to allow perpetual copyrights. Bush administration applauds Supreme Court's rewriting of Constitution."
Washington Post article about how dumb evreybody apparently is; or at least as dumb as they hope to eventually become
This is seriously cool.
You remember Otter Pops. Well, these are better
Another tidbit for you jobseekers out there
Perpetual Motion and Free Energy Machines
Details in the form of a chart, on Dubby's illustrious military experience. I wish I was a rich kid with evil, yet powerful parents.
News from the front lines
There is something happening here.
I give this one extra kharma points, for insightfulness. Hrmm... This one too.
I've clearly misjudged SF; I've never gotten along with that city (it's inhabitants are okay enough, though).
What's so hard about this? Oh, okay, I am taken already.
That damned Hinge of History squeaking again.
Unamerican Activities
There is a cure. Our president should try this treatment, along with his vice prez, and most of the congress as well... a kind of group therapy, which would emit waves of goodness that would help improve the entire world. Okay, that sounded ridiculous. just click the damn link and you'll get it.
Well, duh. Everybody knows this...at least everybody SHOULD know this, so if you don't know it, click that there link, and KNOW it!!
As , so well said, Marquis D'Monquis"salutes the 512 individuals who spoke up, unfortunately, now they'll have to continue to expel, starve, dominate & humiliate an entire people..."
More lovely news about what our friends are up to.
Plep. Another cool bloggy dealymabobbin
Okay, so maybe we do need war
This is incredibly intense and honest. I thought I had linked to it before, but perhaps I had done so incorrectly... or something.
Time to go to art galleries again, because this Nicole Eisenman is pretty darn cool.
I gotta save this for next non-denominational winter holidaytime.
All about one of the best movies of all time
Homegrown Goodness. Be sure to study all the biographies in exacting detail. Especially Daniel Day Lewis'.
More amazing research, for the research page that I haven't made yet.
I will most certainly not like heaven. "Send my credentials to the house of detention, I've got some friends in there." -Jim Morrison
People in Colorado aspire to be as smart as Floridans
Let's get married in Connecticut
Feh. Yeah, and I suppose they also think that Jews control all financial institutions too.
StopPoliceWare NOW!
There are plenty of bad things that can be said about Verizon. I will not say them though, because there are also some very good things
Dumbass Bush's SUV tax break plan
Stupid Murderer
Bush opposes affirmative action, even though he got into college basically using affirmative action
Hrm..This is too bad, school paddlings are what got me into S&M
You smug bastard. Are you addicted to junk? Or is it just a compulsion
This site puts our little dive to shame. Now I will cry.
"Ok, let's go shopping for those Japanese car accessories you need and want!"
George Bush [sr], The Unauthorized Biography
Sex-ed in GW's Texas
Soon, soldiers need not feer the remorse for all those people they kill.
Sony vs. Sony
See, it's easy. See, you can get rid of woodstock!
"The fags have hijacked his freedom train..".(??) Leave the cigarettes out of this fight.
SBC invents HTML frames! I bet they had Al Gore helping them out, as he invented the internet, whilst listening to the sweet crooning of Milli Vanilli
CorporateTranslator-O-Matic, in action!
Hey! Somebody buy me this!
Scientific panels just repeat what they're told. This just barely qualifies as news, statistics and suuch are always more a politial tool than a scientific one... but still, they should be called an 'Editorial Advisory' committee at best.
This is, or will be one of the entries in my page for teachers.
Well, at least there's some people who have retained a bit of sanity and sensibility in these idiotic times
. This is very very cool
Damn, d00d!! This Craig guy knows everything and everybody
Dan and his data are cool
This is absurd
Here is the official PHP manual!
First look at these Jesus pics, then look at these IMPROVED versions!
Poster Pop dot com
Ooh. Pretty.
Got wallpaper?
Poseurs, and pretty ones, at thet.
Okay, enought computer time for you. Go outside nowand build this.
If this is not something entirely different, I don't know what is
Coundn't get into Underwriters Laboratories, huh? Well, maybe you'll have better luck at Survival Research Labs.
This is what I want to do when I grow up
More fractals?!
Eyeball! Eyeball!
Robotty stuff and thingies
Community get-together
This is ska
Backstage fashion
Haha. I know you like them. You're such a dork!
Fabulous disguises!
You've simply got to have it
One of the best responses to the so-called 'state of the union speech'
Yep, it's in Florida all right.
This requires our attention
Nothing new to see here, move along.
I've really taken my time linking to These guys, but I'm sure you already know about them anyway.
An all around likeable little site
One of the best image viewers if you're stuck using some dumb windows box.
I was lucky enough to fly on these before they went into retirement. I've been searching for a site about these for some time now!
News from Babylon.
We are living on a Prison Planet.
Don't be a filthy terrorist! Support TWAT!!
Homegrown Dope!
Ready to wear fashion
The Kult"
War this, war that,here's some crap
I did not vote for him, but at least he's wanted by somebody
International Terrorist
wear a shirt
KILL!! KILL!! That's the president's idea of really good poetry.
Indentured Servitude. I just want to find something a little like this (but nicer) that can get me outta this apocolypse hungry banana republic.
Beware the terrifying Spoono the clown!
So you like sports, do you? Well, I guess basketball can be fun
Adam Ant MP3 of the Week!
Kids these days!
We have elected idiots. I am ashamed. This is a 'democracy' so we all ge to share the blame. If you voted against these people, you obviously didn't do it enough!
What's really at stake, with dubbledumbass bush appointing all the cronies daddy and the devil tell him to.
You do need to know.
Colorado legislation allowing a person to sue for wrongful death of a dog. Still can't sue for the wrongful death of a same-sex partner. . Democracy in Action.
See Mary Jane run. See mary jane get thrown into prison for no apparent reason. Funny, I don't even like the stuff; but then, obviously, Ill have needed to have tried it at some point to know that, huh. I guess I'm a criminal.
From the 'Bet you didn't know about this' dept: The Barbary Treaties
Jefferson, and Deism; so lovely together.
Oh! Goodness! Lesbians!
The REAL terrorist regime the UN should be inspecting. I promise you, I shall mirror this.
PETA pretty much never fails to make itself seem profoundly idiotic these days. Wow! Los Angeles has some really good things going for it!
Win SCP, for when you are trappid in a room with no doors, only little tiny windows.
Impeach that dumbass retardid shit who thinks he's president. Sadly, this link goes down periodically due to bandwidth limitations.
Open Brackets. I really need to start a page just for promising looking blogs
Wow. Rileydog is pretty good.
Wood's Lot
This is truly awesome. I hope I become Bukowski when I'm old.
This is also awesome, but in a different way. Bukowsky remains silent on the issue of this profoundly stupid war.
Booknotes blog
16th St, another blog
Booklab II
Here's another one from SFGate
Bush II, the biggest asshole ever, wants to build lots more nukes. What a tosser.
Perhaps your vote didn't seem to make any difference last time around;make it count this time
United For Peace's calendar
Hey, an alliance; perhaps this wee site needs allies.
Indymedia. I dont think I've linked to these guys already
Meet Ethel, the Blog
Living rooms, a sanctuary to family, violated by war
They Must be terrorists, after all, they have trucks, um, or something.
Here's what Samuel Clemens would say
Robert Scheer has some insightful things to say
Does President Dumbass Shitforbrains believe himself?
Dying for War. More from the Villiage Voice.
The Institute for Policy Studies.
No casus belli? Invent one!
Hey, somebody get the current administration to read this, somehow they've obviously missed something... perhaps they were absent that day.
The State of the Union Address (01-29-03), and how to make sense of it
Dead, all dead. Many lives lost, all for what?
What the world needs now is Banjos, sweet banjos
"This war is immoral and unjust, with or without UN backing"
History, rinse, repeat
A highly qualified Iraqi counterpoint

Police snipers, er, I mean, uh, nothing, nevermind.
Freedom of Speech? What's that? That was something the primitive savages once espoused in the old days, wasn't it?
Heres just one more little reason to hate that stupid gawdawful fuckwit who's squatting in the whitehouse
Bush Gives You the Finger
Just when you thought you'd seen it all, there's the Borowitz report to fill you in on the little details you may have missed
These are the coolest stamps ever
Poor, lonely little socks
I always thought that it was kinda cool to save old ticket stubs for some reason; at least I'm not the only one
Wow! First it was just a book, and now it's a whole site!
Sid says, "I like it."
The cheapassed punkasses give some of the same 'gifts' that I do, and a bunch more too!
I hardly even ever drink anymore, but this makes me want to buy lots of french and german wines. They are, after all, the best anyway.
I can't even think of anything whitty to say about this, it's just so unbelievable, yet sickeningly not surprising.
There are kids that give me a little hope for the future
America: Land of the Murders, Home of the Torturers.
Stupidity: a popular American export product
Be ready, after all, it is more than just duct tape
This looks funny, I'll have to check it out from the library.
Adam An is a busy guy
You know you want to play with toy cars
Navy Seals. Okay, so he's actually a sea-lion, they atill look kinda like little seals.
Appalachia is trying to teach me something.
Matt Johnson is one of the greatest people alive. And hardly anybody notices. Click on the link. Do it.
Matt Johnson sockin it to tha man!
Prophet without honor
Just in case you were wondering, this is how you create custom themes for phpwebsite, and this is the project's Sourceforge page.
This is the Wrong War. That is an extraordinarily excellent article.
Don't American Politics just make your brain cease to function?!
Feh to stupid 'duh, what's seperation of church and state' day, there's National Day of Reason.
Creepy American spies
No more saying bad stuff about the Turks, they obviouslt have the guts to stand up to the biggest bully in the schoolyard... well maybe not stand up, but not back down when confronted in this case.
Wow. I dod not know what to expect from a site called whitehouse.org, and then it loads and is all red white and blue... but then I read the words... and pay attention... oh, just see for yourself. Click here to see the lovers singing to each other. This is bullshit, but I mean that in a totally good way.
Joseph Leiberman's webpage
They took the bad people to the camps and we did not even know they were there My new bike
Somebody asked me "so, what's so evil about this 'Clear Channel, I've never heard of 'em". Well, how's this for an answer
10 reasons not to atack Iraq
Free DNS!
Elvis lives!
You have to admit, Optimus Prime is cool.
What does it mean? Someone asked me what I thought the American flag meant, or stood for, the other day. I felt similarly to the writer of this incredibly excellent article, I just couldn't express myself as concisely....of course, using so many words conversationally could prove challenging.
There Might be a cure for cancer, but for some reason we were not informed. Funny how that works, isn't it?
This is among the very best I've ever seen in the way of protests
Finally! Some good news!
Who needs another BS job, if you're creative and/or intelligent, go here.
The Grand Old Party. Believe it or not, this side made me laugh till it hurt. My sides literally split and I stitched myself up with chewing gum, safety pins, an government approved radiation resistant plastic sheeting with lovely duct-tape accents.
Ooh! A Blog that's not a blog!
Sapless Sundays, another great peice by Doug Ireland on TomPaine.com
Imperial Power Or Global Partner?
Twisted Allegiance, Tax Cuts Before Country Diary of a Human Shield
Crude Vision
US Dept of Laughs
"We're here to fight the regime,not civilians, but I had to save my men"
Baghdad blog. Not updated since 3/24. not a good sign at all
Alternative Information Center
All the King's Horses
Wailing Children, the Wounded, the Dead
Show the Whole Truth
Financial Disclosure
Presidential Quarantine
Familiarize yourselves with this, the regime wants to delete great swaths of it
It is, tragically, embarassingly, our flag too
Killing Kids: It's the American Way(tm)
It's a well known fact that all americans are idiots
The American government mandates enforced dogmatic stupidity
I don't even know what to say to this...WE are the bad guys now! I am deeply ashamed to be associated in any way with the evil regime
Die for oil, sucker... it pays minimum wage, sort of.
A rogue's gallery. I'd call these guys something else, but rogue fits as well.
LaRouche Online Almanac
'Man hangs US flag upside-down, threatened by cops for breaking fictional "contempt of flag" law'
Once again, America turns her back on soldiers and sailors sent to die for the Empire, and their families.
On a lighter note, this is pretty much the idea I had for nougats.org. Obviously, Africans are far better suited to this sort of site.
So, will that be in taffeta, or duct-tape?
"Good Kills", and plenty of them
The Nature Concervancy
Myst Movies, maybe
Whew! Raed, (as well as our favourite Iraqi bloggist Salam Pax) IS still alive!!
My, what nice icons you have. Now have a nice cuppa tea.
I'm sure there is already a link to creepo.net here somewhere, but here's another one just because it's that good.
At least that stupid hollow-thump-melon head Ari Fleischer is honest about the American Regime's blatant bigotry.
I've not had a chance to really check out this blog, but judging from the links they've got, I will.
The Smirking Chimp. Really now, the name says itb all.
Tom thinks this motherboard is better than yours.
Check this out and see if it's legit
This site is about NOTHING!!! Drink pootpoot.
They don't teach us anything about the history of Belgium in American school.
I bet you want to know how to migrate Eudora data from a Mac to a windows pc. Admit it. You know you want it.
I was wondering what that big flat drumlike thing those Irish blokes play was called; then I found this site
Bible-study time!
This will need to go in the 'land of the free' section, or more likely in the mirrors of stuff you need to see.
Tonight? Wait, let me check my agenda.
Okay. Get out your trumpet and play this.
Heh, diesel
Saint Jude: the patron saint of desperate situations, impossible, lost and forgotten causes, and stuff like that. Here at DieYuppieScum dot org, we're pretty much all about lost causes. We basically are lost causes.
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (Latin: Who watches the watchmen?) You do.
"Oh, just sell that to the Americans, they'll buy anything."
Oh, by the way, Impeach bush! This is a good place to start.
I honestly must defer to the Mighty Might Maddox. At least Lord_Nougat has a chewy center.
It's why my cousin joined the navy
The Rational Enquirer, after rational minds want to know, or something... and other Orwellian things that come to pass these days will certainly have ramificationsfar beyond our Hollywood soundbytes.
A most heroic author
I could've sworn I had a link to the Democratic Underground on this page somewhere...oh wait, there it is!
Wow! I thought high-school sucked... I guess it is possible to suck even more, but that kid's got it together and figured out already. Good on 'im fer that. FAA Aversion Therapy
Remind me to mirror this, and supporting documents
Sometimes, it's the damaged stuff that's the best.
Collecting stuff is cool
Max Payne is an awesome game. Some of the 'graphic novel' bits are acted retardedly, but overall it's a good game. Why, you may be asking your monitor, is this entry on the links page? Well, your monitor has no good answer for you. But here's a link for when you've completed the game at least once.
Don't you just hate it when you get duped by liars
This bike is cooler than anything
US Troops raid Iraqi newspaper, ransack office, arrest editor, and stop publication -- all in the name of "human rights"
This blog is scaring me. Make it stop.
George Bush: Actions speak louder than words
Jesus would be mad about this
A Nation of Victims
I think it is important for our society to respect each individual, to welcome those with good hearts. On the other hand, that does not mean that someone like me needs to compromise on the issue of marriage.
Want to blow up Australia? Our government tells you how - online!
Yet more war crimes.
Our 'liberal media' and Howard Dean
Bush changing the subject, says Rep. Frank
Bush apparently wants to destroy EVERYTHING in his service to Mammon
So, there is some freedom of speech left after all.
Fascism, anyone? (Update- bummer, that page disappeared from their server; but they're still really cool, so their mainpage shall now be linked!)
Here is that dumb IQ test you were looking for, Shlek.
Well, to all of you who keep telling me to learn to be a 'real programmer', this ia all I have to say in response to that
Fabulous Prizes!!!
Pompeii is cool
3 seconds
Cool art by some girl
Shrubco's lies vs. truth
George 'Dublyoo'' Bush: Man of [in]action
Bush Lies
Ask Jeeves!
There are many people I love and respect who say there is no god. They are clearly wrong because he has his own website.
A nice little bedtime story
Interested in the lucrative business of Terrror™? Be sure to fill out your application then, keep your corporate business dealings on the up and up!
Did I ever make that dorectory for flash movies? I bet I did, but fuck if I know where it is. If I ever find it, I'll put this in there. It is the end of the world, you know.
I really do need to make a specific page for art stuff; I've been meaning to actually... Here's a really excellent little site
coup d'tat - n. (k-dA-'t)-a sudden and decisive exercise of force in politics; especially the overthrow of a government by a small group of persons in positions of authority. [French - literally, a "blow to the state"]
Pill Module is probably the coolest band there is these days. I'm serious. Click on that link if you don't believe me. Understand that only truly cool people have the ability to click that link.
Yo, precioussss iis my bling bling.
One Fine Day, by qiqo
Rocket powered legos
The Rubayat of Omar Khayyam
A whole page of unlinked anthro 'links'. Amusing.
XP Anti-Spy. Interesting.
Miserable Failure!!
There are certain questions in life which are universal to all people, regardless of context: why am I here? how do I operate this VCR? Does Matt have a website of his own? Well, at least we can now conclusively determine the answer to one of these questions.
Beautiful nature photos, perfect for reference material.
The new annoying virus that will likely keep me busy
Man, I wish I had a "truth" setting on my telly!
Wow, this is classic stuff
The TRUTH about Cisco access lists!
Everyone loves Swordsmen!
I love Nivek
Accidental Videogame Pr0n
Yay! Nougat!
Do you ever kick yourself for not riding anymore? I do. If this doesn't get you wanting to ride again, nothing will!
The infamous Dr Laura letter
Here's that adorable little flash movie you were having a hard time downloading.
Like to do art? This might be of interest to you, then!
Stupid Videos
I keep losing and/or forgetting the url to this really cool flash template site
Dirty BAKA!
World Community Grid is kinda like folding@home, but is my new favourite
Cool potatoshop drawing tutorials
We all need more robot friends!
Click here now! And keep that window open all day whilst STARING at it!
Celebrate the molecule of the month!!
Toast is here!
This kid is clearly the awesomest thing ever there was.
Howto books on everything!
Everybody has a blog these days!
Eew, Fallon!
Fight AIDS at home, or at least try. This thing ran for a couple of weeks and then just died on my machine. It seems to be targeted toward people who barely know what a computer is, and seldom even works. Still, a worthy cause for spare cpu cycles. I still prefer Folding@home and to a slightly lesser extent, World Community Grid. Folding@home is a hard act to follow, what with clients for every platform there is (that could handle such work, anyway!)
Before and after cosmetic muscle reduction surgery
Man, I'd almost forgotten about how awesome all this software these two guys make is.
The uncle-in-law's coupe's owner's club. That's too many apostrophied things in a row.
Ransom Letters
You just never know wheninfo like this might come in handy! It's good to be prepared.
Lady_Nougat says it's time to shop for glamourous clothes.
Mister G. Monkey's new website. Don't let me forget to check that out... although I'm concerned that he might have somehow turned into a perv, or something!
Now, all these years later I finally find the /5 club I should have been in. I still could be, in a few months!
Doktor Shlek, you NEED this!
Toshiba P25 parts. *sigh*
Does it make me some kind of macho dickhead jock that I'm starting to get into stuff like this now? Gosh I hope so! ;p
Oh come on, you know you want to hack the registry! It's fun...all the cool kids are doing it
I think James Brown summed it up best when he said, "superbad"!
Just in case I haven't already, I need to link this.
My latest mission is to build an IRC server. As vague a task as this sounds, I'm finding interesting little tidbits. Take this IRC daemon dealymathinger here, it looks pretty cool.
I feel compelled to link this site, because I just enjoyed randomly running accross it so much. This Schumacher guy takes alot of pictures.
Here are some helpful cycling links.
Here's a helpful site for setting up SSL
Green Monkey is one of the best artists ever.
We make money, not art.
In case you want to build a cms type thing, this site might prove useful.
Ooh, gravitational
I think the new guy gave me an STD!
I don't want to forget the FreeBSD 'portupgrade' command.
SCIENCE!! (this will require it's own entry for sure I think.)
Liquid cooling looks kinda fun. Here are some sites that want me to think it's fun: D-TEK, Danger Den, and of course, Swiftech.
Local mirror of Molly Blythe's For the women of South Dakota: an abortion manual - because it's important that it remains available to the world, especially as a testament to the profound inhumanity and immorality of american lawmakers who want to decide what is right for everyone else with their broad sweeping edicts. Isn't this sort of tyranny exactly what the founding fathers of america were trying to get away from and prevent from happening again?!
Some skater who takes awesome pix
Some say, the best PC game evar, though there's at least one other title that comes tp mind. Possibly others
Useful info for anybody who has a stupid dvd player that needs improvement.
NEW Honda CT110s!!
Fight tha powah!!!
Triumph Stpitfire mag!
Project Azeroth Wiki. Those commoners sure talk funny.
Automatic music!
Visiocafe, for when you need some network diagram in your coffee
Principia Discordia
The Museum of Unworkable Devicea
Overhauling coaster brakes!
This Paul Gilbert guy kinda rocks
Lin and Larry Pardey are awesome.
You never know when you might need some Latin Phrases.
A couple with a rather cool Blog type site.
Now I have blog envy
Here is a cool drawing site. The java applets are magnificent.
Gymnasts are awesome
The pen is mightier than the sword! ...that or the penis...
Banished! It's about time I add more online comics to my list!
this laptop looks cool, but being an Acer, people make fun of me for thinking that
Five years torrent
The cure for homophobia!
Probably the best article about the capabilities of SSH I've ever seen.
Deactivate the Rootkit!
Kristian Windsor's brilliant insult generator!
Best internet TV yet, click to change channels

Tom Cruise
Robb 35, Walkabout
The majestic swimming moose
Zombies banging
Intensity intensifies
How to Setup AWStats (Apache Log Analyzer) on CentOS, RHEL and Fedora