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 Brown Stuff
 Added by Lord Nougat  Wen's day Ape-ril 22st - 14:56:66:pM PDT;


In pellet form for neat dispersal
dissolved through the vigorous action of role reversal
A state of mind
A raison d'être
A way of life etc, etc...
(it's bound to getcha)


use it fresh
or buy it dried
it's in your face
it's by your side
dangling at the back of a twisted mind
Yin or Yang
I can't decide
(it was green before it died)
it's what pops up when you're not looking
it's 52.3% of what you're cooking
the side affects are rather shocking
you can hear it knocking!


What the cat drags in
What the car give off
"It's mine", you lied
"Without a doubt"
Makes a patron saint of a lager lout
There'll be trouble if there's none about
it's going deaf


Better round the edges than in the middle
If you squeeze it with your fingers
you can make it blow a bubble
but never let it off indoors
it could reduce the house to rubble
a sacred cow
a reason to dribble
a hell of a thing
but a bit of a riddle
you get it for nothing
and eat it for breakfast
they love it France
but they'll shoot it in Texas
Smother it in butter, it's a meal in and of itself
it makes thinner people fatter
it's essential to your health
it brightens up a corner
it looks lovely on a shelf
Oblivious to the gravity
of poverty and wealth

Stick it in a pickle and it'll last for ages
It's mentioned in the bible in the first few pages
wards off evil in the early stages
The Victorians kept it in poofy gilded cages
They put it on computer and take it off your wages


A national asset of which we should be proud
lock it in the car; you could lose it in a crowd
Hardly willing, seldom able
It ate TV, and it's eaten cable
made in the shade - born in the stable
it colorized films of Clark Gable


It walks on water
it runs amok
if you grab it when your hands are wet you will get a nasty shock
if the tempurature keeps on dropping I might wrap it in a sock
Don't bring it in by Christmas, you'll be up against the clock


It makes you want to play the trumpet
The councils are all stuck 'cause there's nowhere left to dump it
Boil it - fry it - loathe it - lump it
Suck it - blow it - push it - pump it
(It doesn't go unless you thump it)
It's driving me mad it's driving me crazy!!
(This thing is bigger than both of us, baby)

It's why my cousin joined the navy


It's spattered round the point of impact
makes a mess of skin and bone
It's in your ear and on your contract
It's why we'll never go back home
a dependable friend
a familiar beginning
(more sinned against than sinning)
It's what goes up but won't come down
(You know what it is...)

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