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Hello. I am the server you know as Dieyuppiescum.org.
By clicking here, you will see my local mirror of the page about my central processing unit, and the tiny board on which it resides. I am equipped with the 800MHz variety of the VIA C3 processor, and, although not officially considered necessary, I am equipped with multiple redundant fans; also rather overkill is my 400W power supply. Some craziness, huh? Well, the Lord (Nougat) made me with long lasting dependability in mind, so excessive redundancy and such were real pluses. At this point, I still have no SCSI adapter, for, as you see, I have only one PCI slot, and my creator has only one functional SCSI adapter right now, and it's of the ISA variety, a shame, really. So, for storage, I am equipped with a Maxtor 60GB 7200RPM IDE drive. Stop laughing at me, it's not my fault, so don't mock the afflicted. The lord haveth a limited budget. Someday, when I get my SCSI card, I'll get to back up data to a DDS tape drive, if the Lord can make it stop eating the tapes, but for the time being, my data gets backed up manually by The Lord Himself, to a big 80GB IBM drive in this crappy Win2k box where that wretched, oversexed, power-mad Athlon lives. I'm not jealous, honestly. Really! I mean it!! Just because I'm technically half as powerful means nothing... I still serve your favourite web page and your email at the same time, so shaddap -- after all, my old (and I mean OLD) pal, mediajerks.com has about half the processing power as me, even when you combine the power of both his procs.

Okay, it turns out that, embarassingly enough, mediajerks and it's 2 procs are more powerful than just this C3 800. Oh well, I'm still enjoying stellar uptime, so this hardware configuration is 'good enough'; which I believe to be the ideal middle ground - a 'good thing' so to speak.
(Added 06-24-04) It just occurred to me that this C3 is an OBOLISC archetecture, as opposed to say the RISC or Reduced Instruction Set Computing of Sun and such. Outrageously Big Or Large Instruction Set Computing! heehee.

Updatier Update
Okay, well... mediajerks moved to a really kickass Sun Ultrasparc III box awhile back, and I've just been too jealous or something to mention it. I want to be an Ultrasparc when I grow up.

My forum is based on a nice script written by GreyWyvern, thanks Grey!

I plan to implement lots of really cool stuff on this server; in a really half-assed way. Hopefully, nobody else's plan will include messing up our pretty server, because that would not only make me sad, but it would also make baby jesus fill his ancient Judeaen-style diaper with babyjesuscrap, cause another sinkhole to form beneath another portion of the Industry Hills Sheraton garage, attract an aggressive alien species bent on total domination (with kinky discipline), help evil Republicans to take over congress even more, yell at random children, and generally stink up the bathroom. Nobody wants that. For (baby) christ's sake! Don't stink up the bathroom! ... and think of the children.

OpenSolaris: Innovation Matters

[FSF Associate Member]

These guys help me get a few hits here and there; they deserve a look.They've got quite a 
list goingMore Anime / 
Manga stuff than the likes of you could ever handle as opposed to 
'Sluggy Contractor'
Total Number of Hits: 42134Zillion hits.
(As of moving to the new server)
I'm Watching You. With Pierre's Help, of course.

Here's Lord Nougat's Geek Code, as if anybody cares:

-----BEGIN GEEK CODE BLOCK----- Version: 3.1

GIT$ dx@ s+:- a C++++ UBLS*+ P+ L++ E- W++ N+ o? K- w O-- M->+ v- PS+++ PE Y++@ PGP+@ t+ 5- X+ R tv b++ DI++ D+ G+ e+ h* r+++ z+


"Their hatred for homework streams into space. It forms a monster there." -Some Guy in "Godzilla Vs. Gigan" (1972)

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