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 NerdPerfect Frequently Asked Questions.
 February 4th, 2001  

Q - Where did you come up with the name NerdPerfect?
A - Basically, necessity. I had almost finished building the site, and still didn't have a name. I was literally wandering around, trying to come up with something, when I saw an old WordPerfect 6.1 box on the shelf. Ta-da!

Q - What makes NerdPerfect any different than the seventy-million other technological weblogs?
A - The whole rationale for this site was that I was dead-tired of sites that report the same news as everyone else without adding any of their own spin for color. It's extremely boring, in my opinion. We don't hammer out a dozen posts daily, but each one is an real article written with emotion, lucidity and attention to detail instead of just being a reworded press-release. If you want "just the facts", you're in the wrong place.

Q - What powers
A - A single Pentium II class machine running Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

Q - What does StatGrape look like? Where are the pictures?
A - There are none. I hate pictures, and do whatever I can to avoid them. You're not likely to see a picture of me unless it's absolutely vital. I'm 5'8", 175lbs and 25 years old, oh, and my head is the size of a breadbox. Use your imagination.

Q - Where is the beautiful NerdPerfect Complex located?
A - Everything is centered out of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. To find me, get a map of Canada, then find Calgary and Winnipeg (two major cities of 700,000+ each). I'm almost directly in the middle of the two (very slightly closer to Winnipeg). Regina is a town of about 175,000 and is as technologically stunted as a Hutterite colony. Yes, it gets cold here, no, I don't live in an igloo and yes, there is running water and electricity (since 1993).

Q - Does NerdPerfect want to partner up with my site/network/cribbage team?
A - Nothing is impossible, but I doubt it. Partnerships and "special arrangements" have proven to be unfulfilling to me, and I'm not anxious to continue that tradition. However, if you can make me richer than an astronaut with your incredible idea, don't hesitate to let me know.

Q - NerdPerfect seems pretty anti-Microsoft... what's your problem?
A - I'm aware that the dominant view in most articles is decidedly anti-Microsoft, but it's not by plan. I prefer to consider myself anti-stupidity than anything else, and I've proven that I'm very happy to jump all over any of the Linux distributions or anyone else when warranted. It's just simply that Microsft is the world's largest software company, and has a collective habit of doing stupid things, which lends itself to criticism very well. I actually have to pick and choose Microsoft stupidity articles at times to avoid really overdoing it. I am not now, nor will I ever be one of the zealots who refuse to admit that Microsoft products have a place in this world, and I also do not think all software should be free.

Q - Are you looking for writers?
A - Perhaps, but be warned that I'm extremely picky about who writes for this site. If you're interested, let me know and we'll see what happens.

Q - Can you make [add request here] change to how the site looks or runs?
A - If you find a bug that specifically breaks an aspect of the site, I will fix it as soon as possible. I'm open to suggestions for improvements, and tend to do them in large bunches. Let me know if you have an idea, and if it's a good one, I'll see what I can do.

Q - Can I advertise on NerdPerfect?
A - Frankly, no. I had ad banners for awhile that weren't worth the hassle and ugliness, so I got rid of them. That being said, I'm not specifically against advertising, so if you have an idea or a proposal that's too good to pass up, I'm very willing to consider ideas.

Q - What was used to build this site?
A - Editpad and Adobe Photoshop.

Q - What weblog scripts did you use to build NerdPerfect?
A - Everything you see here was created from scratch, as I'm too picky and anally retentive to settle for a solution that isn't exactly what I want. I'm also one of those irritating "if you want something done right, do it yourself." jerks.

Q - Why didn't you use my news submission?
A - I'm not sure what to tell you - it just didn't tweak our melons, I guess. The difference between us and the majority of other news sites is that we offer our own opinions and thoughts with virtually each story. If what you submitted didn't lend itself to such rambling, it just doesn't get used.

Q - How much traffic hits NerdPerfect?
A - NerdPerfect does between 20,000 and 30,000 pages per month. We're definitely what you'd call "on the small side".

Q - You've been around for a year? Why have I never heard of this site before?
A - As much as I should, I don't go out of my way to advertise NerdPerfect. It irritates me to no end when a fly-by night weblog clobbers everyone with snivelling pleas for traffic, then offers up the same tired news as everyone else, often even a direct cut-n-paste. If you like this site, keep reading and tell a friend. It helps me ensure that people who visit this site do so because something other than spam draws them here.

Q - I don't see a privacy policy. Where's my privacy policy!?
A - I've got your privacy policy right here: I can't even imagine caring about your personal information for any reason, ever. In fact, I would have to make up a new language to express how little interest I have in obtaining your e-mail address.

Q - Where can I send my hatemail?
A - All comments, questions, or threats of free beer (I hate those) can be directed here.

Q - More. I want more NerdPerfect data.
A - That's not a question, and please, settle down. However, if you're inexplicably interested in more site information, check out the NP History page.


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