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 Added by Lord Nougat  Fryday Dec 26st - 11:56:66 PST;

I'm sorry I've been neglecting you, my pretties. Happy non-denominational secular-wintertime-holiday-time!

The job has been sucking the very soul out of me... I know, its the same excuse I keep using... and really it's getting better. It keeps me busy at least, and pays the bills. Nothing really interesting or new to talk about, oh! Except for the big move!

I wrote a biig long boring tirade about it over on my deviantart page, but nobody wants to read long boring screeds there, or anywhere really. To sum it all up, our dumbass landlords want us to move; but they don't want to pay any attention to any laws that govern landlord/tenant transactions, so this is going to get interesting (in a boring lame kind of way). Having to battle them in court just seems quite unpleasant to me, though, so I immediately looked for a place nearer to the money. Downtown called out to me and would not let me go, so I looked at several places there. I am astonished to find that I can actually afford any of those places, and am really excited to be moving back 'home' as it were. I love downtown LA: I love how the yuppie types hate it there, I love how Hollywood films stuff there- acting like they own the street as I walk directly THROUGH a shot they're trying to do, I love the insane homeless people who will often gladly engage you in a conversation about the most unlikely things, I love how the whole town is YOURS on weekends whhen you live there, and Idunno what it is specifically, but I love how living there makes me feel somehow alive again. The sucky part is, we have many creatures which rely on us; a cat, a dog, an iguana, some turtles, and bunches of plants - oh, and a spider. Many of these organisms cannot thrive in such an environment as downtown. Many of these organisms would make me much less happy if they lived, and made stinks inside my same cramped quarters. It is a conundrum.
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