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  Just a glimmering spark
 Added by Lord Nougat  Fryday October 17st - 21:56:66 PST;

Fair warning here - this is one of those 'serious' posts.

In these miserable days, in this miserable place, doing my miserable job, it becomes increasingly easy to creep - mentally and spiritually - toward despair. The SoCal public transit system, as pitiful as it is, is on strike rendering LA's traffic even worse than usual; listening to any commercial radio stations inspires ennui and further frustration (as, you see, I am driving a car again and my tape player only works sometimes) and it seems like there are no intelligent, or even in any way like minds anywhere at all.

It is trite, but looking for non sucky radio inspired me. It's all gloom and stupidity - literally. You know, they're not overtly gloomy, au contraire, they're sickly saccharine cheerful - making feeble 'jokes' about the misfortune of others, and stuff like that. I call it 'gloom' because that's the way I feel listening to such pap. Here and there there's a spark of hope now and again: there's KLON, or whatever-the-hell they're called now, but they've been a bit boring lately on the rare occasion when my radio can actually tune in with listenable reception. There are the myriad 'rock' stations which pretty much play the same 12 or 14 songs over and over, with some really rare exceptions. All the good stuff's on late.

Then there's public radio. Bit of a misnomer, in that our tax dollars get nowhere near such things; after all we have better things to spend out hard earned dollars on. I could gripe about the pledge drives, but they gotta pay the bills somehow. By some insane miracle, I've been able to tune into KSPC, which was my favourite when I lived in the boondocks, which are near that station's tiny antenna. Some people swear by kpcc, but ever since they killed my favourite show ever, 'Classic American Music' which had been on that station before they changed their format to 'boring and lame', I've been unable to tolerate listening with a clear concience . To be fair, there are some good insightful shows on there, but I'm still bitter about the loss of that show.

This brings us to the bit which gave this post it's name. EVERYTHING these days seems to be a big stuffy, unconquerable gloom- a darkness about the land, tv and radio are, unfortunately, mirroring this miserable blandness quite well. I have suddenly rediscovered one glimmering spark... an unextinguishable little spark, more a spark plug, because it sparks and keeps sparking, giving hope that there's a chance that independent thought, or at least logical thought, or perhaps any thought at all - is still possible! There are other people out there who feel the same way (I mean other than either of my friends), and they have a radio station!! Oh, by the way, I'm referring to KPFK. It was once my favourite station, (over 10 years ago come to think of it -ugh!) but seemed to sort of get lame and tiresome around 1994 or '95 or so, as I recall. They're good again. I got sick of moving that dial around all the time, and left it on 90.7FM. I've not regretted it yet! In fact, I regret missing out on listening while I'm on the job (it's not that kind of job). Another cool point: those stations have online broadcasts too, so if you're way far away, you can still suffer the torment of californian radio!

Oh, and by request, a friend of me wanted me to write a post about dumb users I run into on the job so here it goes: GRAAAAH!! Users are SO DUMB!! I hate illogical people SO MUCH!!!

Ooh, P.S.
Mr Bush, it you're reading this, I HATE YOU VERY VERY MUCH!!
I love all you other people. Vigourously.
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