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  Lord_Nougat is Stupid
 Added by Lord Nougat  Munday july 28st - 23:56:66 PST;

Okay, it's been scientifically proven: Lord Tiberius J. Nougat is stupid.

Well, it's probably been common knowledge for some time to everybody else, but I hadn't really noticed till science told me, and I won't argue with science...it's bigger than me and I know it can thump me head in, or more colloquially, 'kick my ass'.

So, anyheu; I was absent-mindedly browsing the internet for a change (heh), and happened accross an interesting article about the deft way the Resident of the U.S. has been managing our communal purse. There was a banner ad for some dumb site that can give IQ tests and tell you once and for all how dumb you really are, you might see it there if it decides to load that particular ad when you click on that link up there...but whatever - I don't really expect you to care. Well, my ego needed boosting, or unboosting, or something, so I clicked on the ad. Then, I proceeded to take an impromptu IQ test. I guess that might just be the best way to take one of those...you don't get all psyched up for it and mentally warm up your brain by actually thinking - I think that's cheating. I just plunged directly from 0 - 100, as it were, and made myself problem-solve. In retrospect, I don't know what made me think that was fun...just more work, really. Clearly this all proves that I am really dumb as it is, test results notwithstanding. In case there's any doubt, here are the scientifically derived numbers to back up the hypothesis, and some pie. Don't listen to any of that stupid pap about how special or exceptional it says I am or whatever. It says that to us stupid people in order to placate us and make us want to buy the report all about ourselves that says how wonderful and nice we are, so we can take the printout to bars and impress chicks with it. Or something.

I could've sworn that number was much better last time... but I was young and pre-drunkard loser Nougat back then. Science makes me sad. Except for when it's really cool.

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