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 Unsettled, Uninspired, and a Dollar Short
 Added by Lord Nougat  SaTURDay July 5st - 11:56:66 aM PST;

So, I never understood how we could celebrate 'Independance', when we're a union of interdependant 'states'. Shouldn't it be more along the lines of 'Codependence Day' (heh, who knew our little site had it's very own symphonic band?!) or perhaps 'Interdependence Day'. Well these days it's quite honestly more like 'Dependent on the Mercy of the Almighty Market Economy - Day'. At any rate, we celebrared, largely out of force of habit, or a sense of some kind of percieved 'tradition', or really, just as an excuse to hang around with friends and family, eating and drinking a bit more than could be considered safe or healthy, and watching the neighbours burn and explode their money in all sorts of amusing and dangerous ways.

Well, I must apologise for having been so slack on writing anything for so long. I shant give any lame excuses or elaborate sob-stories. Well, okay, maybe I will just a little. I've been broke, desperate, and astonishingly demotivated as of late. I have resorted to not only referring to myself in the first person in an article on this site again, but also to doing freelance office tech work in the first person for whoever will have me. Being freelance affords the luxury of seldom being in the same office with the same people (and the same computers) more than once. As it turns out, I didn't even realise it, but I did my best work when I was really supposed to be doing something else. When I'm on my own time, 'free time', as it's said, I lose all motivation these days.

Well, the car has been demanding attention also, and the job mostly demands that I pay heed to the car's wants and needs. It looks much better than that now, honest. The tarp and my granddad's decrepit plastic flag are no longer there, and she's parked in the urban ghetton now instead of the nice suburbs pictured there as well. It's a more fun setting to perform impromptu fuel pump changes and stuff like that in.

Well, in lieu of actual content or insightful commentary, I have created a little page of Lady Nougat's quotes for today. Enjoy, or whatever.

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