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 Newer, Stronger, Better
 Added by Lord Nougat  Wen's day Mae 28st - 20:56:66 PST;

...or however that Bionic Man intro thing went...
I just got my mobo today, and you know, that last board was a bit buggy it's whole life and I never even knew! Everything is running better and faster now, and the settings are all the same!! Actually, this is right out of the box, with just the most basic settings performed so far... my dnet's running well over 4 megakeys again, the proc isn't heating up much more than 60C, (well maybe it's just a more pessimistic heat sensor on the board... but then perhaps the last one liked to exagerate)

I've pretty much abused the hell outta this T-bird core proc, and it's still running strong - stronger than ever in fact! Well, since they came through swimmingly, I now reccomend axion tech out of some hellish part of Texas... here's the url, czechit out:

I still like Asus... especially my ability to run such a fast, cheap proc with slow cheap ram!! haha... the difference in RAM speeds is astonishingly negligible. Maybe I'd notice if I played more games, but pshaw, the old games I play can't tell the difference! Except for maybe Warcraft III, but that seems to run perfectly, and at the highest and bestest settings too.

Ooh. My new power supply lights up on the inside. That's why the fans are clear. Very pretty. You are now jealous.

I shall now be compelled by the odor of christ to assemble an unholy abomination such as this.

These guys really rock. Buy nice tech stuff 
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