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 Nope. No updates here
 Added by Lord Nougat  Two's day Mae 27st - 23:56:66 PST;

Well, there's still nothing to update on the dramatic hardware front, so for all you folks out there who have been driven away by my lack of updates or new content, well, you all just be drivin yo selves on back over here right this minute! See, I remembered what this site is all about... it's like the name implies: DieYuppieScum - well, you see, that's German for something along the lines of

'The Big Stupid Looking Site with Waay too many unrelated things on it', of course, that's a paraphrased, and loose interpretation- you know how weird German phraseology is. So, what I plan to do with the class today, kids, is go back to what this site is really about: altogether too damn many links to just all sorts of stuff just because I say so.

To be fair, I am only familiar with a few of those sites linked up there... and I recommend them quite highly... the other 60-70% of the almost randomly picked sites had to pass my grueling 30 second reviewing process to determine wheter they made the cut... an astonishing number did not, in fact, make the cut, which is a bit telling; but then I look forward to checking out most, well really all the rest, otherwise why would I have bothered putting them there. Well, come to think of it, why do we do the weird things we do? I have a website that costs me a packet to keep alive, other people we all know probably have other weird expensive habits. We have a bunch of friends who all have different expensive habits... politics, crack-cocaine (certainly not mutually exclusive those two), music, gizmos, heroin, porn, penguin plushies, flattened metallic objects often found in the middle of busy inttersections, you know, all those usual things. Well, hm, for some reason, I'll still include the forum thing after this (because they're really extra-cool).
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These guys help me get a few hits here and there; they deserve a look.They've got quite a 
list goingMore Anime / 
Manga stuff than the likes of you could ever handle as opposed to 
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