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 System Update
 Added by Lord Nougat  day Mae 23st - 19:56:66 PST;

System update:

I believe my proc is still fine... it runs pretty hot, but then it's certainly not cutting-edge anymore... it's an Athlon 1400MHz, whateverthehell they were called before they named them XP with different numbers and all that crap. Thunderbird, I believe it is called, ya I think that's it. The motherboard was an Asus A7A266 [manual - in pdf], and I bought another one; identical model. I'm hoping that whole burnung up thing was a fluke. This board is pretty decent otherwise, it can use either expensive-assed DDR RAM or nice cheap SDRAM (half the speed, but a tenth of the price... guess which I use). Also, it has 5 pci slots and AGP Pro 2x, for whatever that's worth. It has some other dumb features I don't use, and also BIOS controlled settings for everything... but it also has jumpers to change those selfsame settings if you're into that kind of thing. I love it dearly. Apparently I am blinded by that love.

I seriously suspected the power supply to be at fault, but I ordered a power supply tester with my fabulous new 400 watt Powmax black anodized dual clear-fanned power supply (it was on sale at compgeeks for $38, couldn't pass that up). Turns out that my old power supply is okay. It also turns out that my old power supply is a generic 230 watt piece of cheapass crap, so I'll still keep the new one. I've been under the impression that it was a 300 watt for the past 3 years or so, so buyer beware. It has been pretty much fine however, so no real complaint there.. perhaps it's just mislabeled; I never really looked that close at it before.

Today, since the power supply came (and it's oh so very very pretty), I tore down what was left of that old box, and cleaned it really thoroughly inside with a damp cloth... that dust was black and awful... like solidified smog particles or whatnot. Then I painted it some more, so it's more red and less beige than it was before, (I just painted the top; the side panels have been painted like that fpr years, and I like the destructo wreckage look theyve gotten over the years, so daye ye not criticize!) and it looks new inside again. I forgot that the entire harddrive bay comes out, so it's kinda nice that I cleaned it so thoroughly. Ooh, I almost forgot, the cables coming out of this new PS are cloth-wrapped and really awesome looking. I think I may be setting a bad precident with myself here. I might have to make it all purdy on the inside like those crayzee kids do these days to their hot-rod PCs. Damn kids. No respect. Okay, gotta go, time for my natural tonic treatment (drinking beer sounds kinda more clynically professional that way... feel free to use that on yer resume. I know I am... nothing else has helped yet.

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