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 Smoke on the motherboard, Fire in the wallet
 Added by Lord Nougat  day May 21nd - 12:56:66 pM PST;

Okay, so a friend of mine emailed me because I've been whining about my dearth of functional harddrives. Long story, but what the hell, that's what this site is all about, right? heh. Well, the short version is, I was turned on to this really cool sounding new distro by a friend of mine, and intend to try it out. Thing is, all my harddrives are already in use... and useful use at that; you know serving webpages, mp3s, porn, blaa dee bla. So, I wanted to put a second harddrive, in this machine I'm using right now. Well, he offered me a harddrive. haha, right on.

Sadly, I've suddenly got a more pressing issue.

Yesterday, I moved the Athlon machine out from under the table it has been hiding under... it's gotten too hot for it to not have a big fan on top of it. Funny how things work out... I moved it, cleaning out loads of dustballs and scunge. I plugged her back in, got all the fans blowing nicely without all the lint gunking them up. It booted to the bios for some reason... but sometimes it does that when it's upset about heat, I turned it to run at 1333MHz instead of the 1400 it is capable of... and then I just wait... it sure is taking it's time to come back up again... that's funny, I don't remember there being an amber light on the motherboard there...hmm...OH MOTHERFUCKING CHRISTCRAP WHAT'S THAT BURNING SMELL!!!!

So, at this point, I unplug the thing and try to figure out what I did wrong. Did I drop something conductive onto the board? Did I break something cleaning? I just don't know at all, now that I've disassembled the whole thing, it turns out that one of those little black cubes, I believe they're components of the onboard voltage regulation module, just got insanely hot to the point of literally glowing red hot. It just occured to me, perhaps I should consider getting a new power supply.

At any rate, it took me awhile, apparently this particular board is sought after, because there are similar ones that sell for less, this one (Asus A7A266) appears to have 'held it's value' rather well, still selling for near retail everywhere still. I finally found this texas outfit that has pretty damn good prices. I'll keep you posted. If they are any good, they'll get my reccomendation- if not, I'll say they suck...

Until then, boy am I glad I have this Redhat box set up to do almost everything that Athlon did (it can't run my games, and it has no Gnutella client yet [it does now! -the lord]; otherwise, it's doing all the other machine's duties already) but with a quarter of the Dnet number-crunching power. Ah well, all I need is another heatsource in the house right now, so perhaps it's for the best.

Well, wish me luck

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